recent hair favourites: ouai, orbie, kent, herbivore

I do not know about you, but I love testing out hair products. I literally love hair masks, different types of hybrids/styling sprays for hair. In July I've decided to cut about 15cm of hair, if not more. Since then, I did not dye my hair,want to gradually cut off the whole blonde "ombre". In November, I had a hair trim, I will have one every three months.

Used to be a lover of Tangle Teezer. It was my favorite hair brush, because my hair is naturally knotty and frizzy. Unfortunately, in the long run Tangle Teezer destroys our hair and breaks them. The Kent Hairbrush is so gentle on the hair,  allows you to gently brush the hair without unnecessary pulling out your hair. 

Not a regular hair dryer user, I love when my hair dries naturally. Although, I would not mind owing the newest Dyson Styling Kit. For about a year and a half,  I've stopped using heated tools on reguallar basic. On ocassion when I would like to style my hair, I will always protect my hair with a heat protection spray.  Orbie Royal Blowout and Styling Spray is my newest babe, a light smoothing mist spray that provides the ultimate styling power, smells so good too! Using this spray while heat styling helps to protect the hair from damage, but also repairs and nourishes the hair. The serum/heat protecting spray can also be used to protect the hair from UV rays and other environmental damage to leave it soft and easy to manage.

We all have a lazy days, when we skip hair washing and use a dry shampoo instead. Foam Dry Shampoo's are currently growing on the market and they are amazing! Foam shampoo is a waterless haircare product that offers a gentle cleanse. Gently but effectively cleanse away the oil/sebum and product build up, so that hair looks fresh and well conditioned. Ouai Foam Shampoo is perfect to add some volume to your roots, as well as re-fresh your hair.

Back in the day, Sea Salts spray were so popular! After a while of using a Sea Salt Spray they just started to dry out our hair, that the reason why people tend to avoid them. However recently I have fallen in love the  Herbivore Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray Lavender it's so gentle on the hair, also you can use it on the body too. Sea Salt Mist was created with aloe vera to hydrate both the skin and hair, this salt spray is both refreshing and moisturising. Herbivore Sea Salt adds beachy texture and volume to the hair while also cleansing and detoxifying the skin. Must also mention that it does not stick the hair, like other sea salts sprays which I've had a chance to use in the past.

What are your recent hair favourites? Did you test anything new out?