Weekend Trip: 72h in Budapest

A weekend trip to Budapest is never a bad idea. 72h allows us to explore every must see tourist spot, and take the most beautiful photos, our hotel was located at the Buda's side of the Chain Bridge, Buda side has many attractions too. Budapest is a magical city when it comes to taking beautiful pictures. Having a relaxed city break, as well as enjoying social life, you can have a good mix of both.

Together with my best friend, we stayed at the wonderful Clarks Hotel, right in front of Chain Bridge, the view from the hotel was amazing.  Unfortunately, the service caused that we were discouraged by the place, but you will find out more about this below. Access from the airport is very simple, in Budapest unfortunately there is no Uber, but there is a app called Taxify, it's their equivalent to Uber, taxi from the airport to the city costs 13000-15000HUF (£ 30-40), we took the 100E bus from the airport, the ticket costs 900HUF (£ 2.45 ) for a ride to the city, at the airport you will find a information window to buy bus tickets or at the bus stop there is a machine for independent purchase. It's takes around 30-45minutes by the bus to get to the city. 

On the right side you can see Clark Hotel, the brown building with windows. You can see Castle Hill above Clark Hotel. The Buda Castle district itself is open all day and night. At Castle Hill you can find beautiful photography spots, as well as restaurants and cafes. A trip up by carriage costs around 700HUF (£ 1.90) per person, or you can get there by local bus, or as someone has the desire to go up by foot you can do so too.

Ideally the best time to visit Castle Hill is  early morning, around 9am you will have plently of tourists  going up. Budapest by night looks beautiful! It was so much easier for us to make it to the Castle Hill very early in the morning, as our hotel was right beside it. Also a good tip: the photos of the Paraliament look best from Buda side. 

If you are in town, you must try donuts from Mr.Funk, Instagrammers favourite spot. The one with Kinder Suprise on top are the best! The Unicorn looked stunning, but it was way too sweet.

In the evening a great restaurant to visit is the Mazel Tov, it's best to make reservations beforehand to avoid the long que. You should also remember, that social life in Budapesta begins around 10pm.

Karaván food market is near the Ruins Bars, they have various interesting food stands. I do not recommend trying the cheese burgers. Waffles are so tasty over there. Bite Bakery has the best Cinamon Rolls, they are served hot, by the way cinamon rolls are my weakness.
The Sweet by Vintage Garden is the best place for cheesecakes, oppisite you will find another food/alcohol market. If you are craving wine go and check out the Tasting Table, it's the best place to have a experiance of wine tatsing. Cheeseboard and wine is never a bad idea.
On the last day we have visited the Trattoria Pomo D'Oro best food we eaten in Budapest! It's a fine Italian dining, but it was so tasty! For typical Hungarian Budapest food you should visit the Hungarikum Bisztro, but bare in mind you will need 1-2weeks reservation before hand, sadly we weren't able to get a place. 

Bar with a view, great place to chill whilst watching sunset and wait around for your late flight. Mr.Big cocktail, inspired by Sex and The City won my heart.

An amazingly beautiful hotel! The view from the the hotel room was breathtaking, from our bathtub you can admire the Chain Bridge. Budapest by night is beautifully lit. Unfortunately, the service at the hotel does not have a professional approach towards guests and it did discourage us. If you do not have branded clothing or accesories on you, you'll just be treated worst than others. The same goes to breakfast, they have sat us down in the beautiful dining area, with out notifying us that there is a bread buffet and that we can order up to 6000HUF, if we have booked a room with breakfast inluded option. After breakfast, we were still feeling hungry AF!

Overall review: 
Budapest is really a beautiful city, it is worth exploring over a weekend, get to know the Hungarian culture a little bit and most improtantly explore their food, mostly the desserts. I would strongly advice to explore in the morining and enjoy the afternoon by relaxing. Are you planning to visit Budapest any time soon?