st.tropez purity bronzing water mousse & face mist

st.tropez purity bronzing water mousse & face mist

I would do everything for a sun-kissed skin, I am addicted to gradual tanners. I was more than happy to test out new St.Tropez Purity Waters, the brand is my go to when it comes to tanning. The Gradual in Shower Tanner is my all time holy grail, it's so effortless. 

St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Brozning Water Mousse is a lightweight, clear water-to-foam formula, brozning water. At first I could not belive how nice the scent is, comaring to other fake tanners, it's smells very tropical. I've applied mine overnight and slept in white bed sheets, there was no transfer. I must admit it's extremly lighweight and dries very fast on the body. After a week my skin still looks very glowy and non patchy. I already know that this will be my favouirte summer tanner.

Application wise I do reccomend using the St.Tropez Luxe Velvet Mist, the softest fake tan applicator out there. Also make sure you exfoliate your skin night before. One tanning tip that I have, always use a spray-on moisturiser on your elbows, knees and foots, just before applying your fake tan. This will make your life so much easier.

I love facial mists in genral, the St.Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Face Mist is the bomb! Such a innovative face mist! You can be tanning whilst wearing your make-up, or you can use the spray on your make-up free face for the most beautiful sun kissed glow. Again, I really love the tropical scent. Also I must add, the mist is ultra-fine so you don't need to worry about uneven tan.

Look how lovely the tan looks, after just one application! Bare in mind that the photos have been taking in different lighting, both images are unedited. I love my short chubby bronzed up legs.

Overall, I really enjoyed testing out both products, once again I really love how natural and healthy the tanned looked on me. Naturally I am extremly pale and I always tan red, after few days my tan would turn bronzy and as I dislike tanning on the sun, fake tanners will forever be my go to.
Both products are Vegan friendly. I would stronly reccomend them if you like medium to golden tan. Have you tested the St.Tropez Purity Waters? What's yours go to tanner?

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