make-up storage: ikea malm dressing table
IKEA Malm Dressing Table have been always so popular around bloggers, well not only bloggers. Mine is around 7years old, sadly the glass had smashed (naughty yankee candle), but other than that it's still in perfect condition! 

Over years, I've collected so much make-up, so I've needed an extra storage. Alexa drawer unit seemed to be a perfect option. I promise that this post is not sponsored by IKEA! All my make-up and some Skincare is stored in both dressing table and drawer unit.

Personally this is a perfect storage option, as I always get to see everything and I don't tend to forget about products. Although I need to buy another brushes holder! Bare in mind that my dressing table is rarely this clean, it's so hard for me to keep it up so neat and tidy!

I am thinking of doing a range of collective posts, or just record a video for my new Youtube Channel, it would be fab if you would subscribe. I am sucker for high end make-up, but I do have fair amount of drugstore products too.  I still love Maybelline, L'Oreal, Real Techniques and many more brands. 

How do you store your make-up? Do you have a dressing table or do you like to  do your make-up in the bathroom?