Sunday, 2 July 2017

Skytower, Wroclaw/Poland

Sky Tower is a beautiful apartment with a city view, great place to stay at whilst visiting Wroclaw, Poland. The apartment is located 20minutes drive from the airport, 5-10mintues drive from City Central. 
Luxury One Bedroom Apartment, 32th Floor
The view from our bedroom and living room was just amazing! Waking up, was so much easier for once. Downstairs next to the Sky Tower apartments, you can find a small shopping center. With a large groceries store, drugstore, restaurants and other shops. I would definitely recommend getting your nails done at the Red To Kill
Dinette, located in Sky Tower Shopping Center and in City Center. They have a wide choice of breakfasts and lunches. The breakfast was actually really good, but sadly we had waited for almost an hour to receive our food, which was not ideal for two hangover hungry bears.
 Niezly Dym, located near the City Center serves literately the best pizza I've tried in Wroclaw.  If you want traditional Polish Food Konspira is a place to visit! Bare in mind that the portion are large! The food is just amazing! We went back twice, whilst are 3day stay in Wroclaw. McDonald in Poland is also a good option, Wies Mac is a must! 
Nanan for desserts! Nanan Patisserie serves the best looking desserts! I would definitely recommend popping in and eat in or a take away. 
If you want a drinking night out, nothing crazy I would definitely recommend Papa Bar, they have over 70 cocktails. Pub Ogorek is just perfect for crazy shots, by the way McDonald's is round the corner so you can grab your food on your way back. Whiskey in The Jar great for Whiskey lovers. Pod Zlotym Dzbanem they serve the best beers!  

Shopping wise, personally my favorite shopping centers were Renoma and Magnolia. Uber is a life saver in Poland. To get to the City Center from Sky Tower have cost us around 10PLN (£2/3). There are so many amazing food places to try, I would definitely go back! Have you been traveling lately?

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