wednesday wishlist #56

Weekly wishlist are always handy. I am on a hunt for a long warm coat, I would like something that looks quite classy and you can wear during the colder nights. New foundation? Yes, not like I need another one, but everyone seems to be loving the Urban Decay All Nighter, must have I guess! The Estee Edit Fluid Metal Eyeshadow look so fancy, recently I went to the Estee Edit on Canary Street, I have swatched they products and they are pretty awesome.
this week 004
Sunday updates are my favourite posts to write, as I live in London I often tend to explore new restaurants and different places. Selfie will be Sunday's post standard.
pay day pick - marc jacobs under(cover) coconut face primer

The pay day series are finally back on the blog. At the end of every month on Friday (pay day Friday) I'll be posting a beauty pick. This month my pick is the Marc Jacobs under(Cover) coconut face primer, a must have in my opinion. It's not only does smell amazing, but does help your skin to stay moisturised, as well as it's makes your face feel really smooth. Applying foundation on top of the primer is a lot more easier and lasts a lot more longer. The primer makes your skin look more glowy. If you would like to treat yourself for pay day, definitely pick up this primer, it's worth every penny!
blogmas 2016
Hello December! I am so excited to be doing blogmas this year, there will be a post everyday on the blog until the 25th of December. Almost full month of new posts, there will be a mix of lifestyle and beauty posts. Make sure to check out my blog everyday!