pestle & mortar superstar retinol night oil

pestle & mortar superstar retinol night oil

Pestle & Mortar is a new brand from me, I kept on coming across P&M, but never had a chance to try out anything from the brand, until now.  As I love facial oils for night time and my beloved Sunday Riley Luna have finished, the Superstar Retinol Night Oil just sounded perfect!

The Superstar Retinol Night Oil is infused with two types of retinol and blended with a base of cold pressed grape seed oil your skin will soak up Superstar, reducing pore size, tightening the skin whilst improving elasticity. The product contains Vitamin A, which comes in two forms: palmitate and hydroxypinacolone retinoate.

Recently I kept on suffering with breaks outs on my chin and forehead area (I've barely ever breakout), this product is just a miracle worker! After two days my chin become clear, I am not hyping it up or whatsoever, I feel like Retinol is a must in my skincare routine. The product is scent free and almost clear in colour, not blue like Luna. I tend to apply the oil on cleansed face and if I need extra layer of moiusture, I then will apply a night cream on top, but you can skip this step. Over all my skin texture is improving and the tone of my skin is becoming more even.

In general, I think this product is a must! It's not the cheapest, but worth every penny. The Irish beauty brand is offering 20% off all products to mailing list subscribers and 15% off all products to non-subscribers.

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