new in town

This post meant to be written a while ago, these products have been very new on the market last in April. They are pretty cool innovative products. The Deciem Hylamide Ha Blur is such a great product, it's a primer which can be used under make-up or you can just apply it onto your make-up. Great product to have in your make-up bag. Rimmel Volume Colorist Mascara is a great innovation, it's a mascara that tints your lashes. Sadly it's not waterproof, so it does smudge. 

I don't really have a problem with falling asleep, but This Works Hair Elixir smells so good! The scent does last on the hair. Anti-Pollution skincare is becoming a thing! The Ren Anti-Pollution Face Mist has quite interesting concept and it's great refreshing products to use during the day. Trilogy Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm was supposed to be the bomb! But sadly it doesn't get rid of my make-up too well. It's a nice product to use as second cleanse. Vita Liberata Body Blur is a body brozning product, quite cool to use when you are going out, as it's easily washes off.