2016 goals/resolutions are my favorite posts to read at the moment. So why not share with you my goals for this year. Goals sound so much better than resolutions and sound more achievable. 

001. I would like to read more! At least 10 books. When I was younger I always had something to read, Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights is a beautiful book, would love to read it again!  Even thought it's 20th Century and everyone are reading books on the iPads, I still like to keep it classic and actually hold a book in my hand. 

002. Drink 2 liters of water everyday! To be honest I do drink a lot of water, but not on daily basic. My skin tends to look so much better whenever I drink plenty of water. I would also want to upgrade my skincare routine, will work on that in 2016.

003. Wear lipstick as often as possible! I own so many pretty lipsticks, but I tend to neglect them. 

004. Take better care of my hair, would love longer and blonder hair. This year I am planning to use less harming haircare products. Davines is so far my favorite for haircare. 

005. My main goal of all is to buy new car in 2016! I've been talking about it all the time, I gotta finally save up for a new baby. 

What are you goals for 2016? 
  1. nice list - i also want to read more in 2016 :) xx

  2. i definitely need to use a lot of my make-up that I neglect before it expires. Great goals for 2016!


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