Wednesday, 10 June 2015

weekend away in Barcelona

 For my 21st Birthday I received the most amazing gift! A weekend in Barcelona, one of my favorite weekends. Since turning 21, I've been having so much fun. This weekend I will be going away to Brighton. Barcelona is such a fab city to visit! The best part about Barcelona, is the fact that city allows you to move around quite easily , the underground is a lifesaver. We both felt really safe walking around at night, a trip the beach at 3am is always fun. We stayed at the Catalonia Hotel, really close to the underground. I strongly recommend the hotel, if you going for a short break.
Nightlife in Barcelona is great too! If you go near the beach, there are plenty of clubs, you will have many options. The food was yummy, although I don't remember the names of the restaurants we went to eat at. On Sunday pretty much everything was close, but there is a large Mall which is open everyday. The fountain show was another great attraction to see, yes I am a girl and I went to visit the Barcelona Stadium. Such a great experience, our hotel was only 5min away from the stadium. I don't really know what else to say, I am really bad at writing travel posts, next time I promise that I will try to have a better memory for the names of places we have visited. In 3 days we manged to visit pretty much every popular attraction. Have you ever visited Barcelona?

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