this week 002

this week 002

Another busy week went by really fast! I am so gutted that I haven't had much time to update on my blog, but life got in the way. I've planned more posts for this week. I am glad you enjoyed last lifestyle post! 

This week I went to the TGI Friday's in Mill Hill with my lovely friend. It was my first time in TGI Friday, the food was very good. I went for the Mozzarella Sticks and the Monster Burger, it's so large! The Menu seems really cool and there are lots of great things to try. The Blueberry Mojito was so good too.
Casper just loves it whenever I am taking blog photos, he is always walking around, often on the products I take photographs off. He is such a cutie so I forgive him, I also noticed that Maya started to like him more than she did at the beginning. I am in love with the new Adidas supercolour trainers, really want the lilac one.
On Friday I went to a event organised by Scarlett, the #SLBloggerBash. The event was just amazing! Well done to the lovely Scarlett. I met so many lovely bloggers, everyone were so lovely. Thank you so much for the goodie bags too. 
  1. Looks like a great week - blueberry mojitos sound amazing!

    Grace | x


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