march favourites

march favourites

April my favourite month, purely because it's my birthday month and I am turning 21 this year! Excited and scared at the same time. I love doing the monthly favorites post, just because I like to go back to my old posts and check what I've liked before. This month I been loving:

Nivea Firming Body Oil Q10: As summer is coming you gotta take care of your legs, hopefully the cellulite will escape from my tights. I been really enjoying using this firming oil on my legs. It doesn't feel sticky at all, that what I like the most. If before someone told me that I would be using oils on my body I would love in their face. As I dislike oily feeling. I find the Firming Oil to work, as long as you work out and use the oil, you can minimize the appearance of cellulite.
Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo: My scalps have been playing around with me lately, I was so fed up, so I picked up the Aveda Scalp Shampoo and my oh my, it's finally have fixed the issue of dry scalps. Smells very minty, but works wonders to my scalps.
Beauty Blender Sponge: I love using wet sponge to apply foundation. The sponge helps to blend out the foundations, as well as it doesn't make your face look cakey.
Garnier Moisture Match Face Cream: I went back to using my old favourite, works really well with my skin, the most importantly it doesn't break, it moisturise my skin. Smells so lovely too.
Neal's Yard Wild Rose Hand Cream: My hands got extremely dry in the cold months, I fell in love with the ingredients in the Neal's Yard hand cream! Smells so good to, love the fact that it's absorbs really fast and doesn't leave the hands feeling sticky.

What are your current favourites? Any new products which have stolen your heart? 

  1. I love Nivea products, yet to try the firming oil though! :)

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. Fab favourites, the Aveda shampoo sounds amazing - I have issues where my scalp is really sensitive and leads to a dry sore scalp so imagine this would be perfect for me :) I really want to try the Beauty Blender sponge, definitely on my wishlist :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. I also had the same issue with my scalps, you NEED NEED it! x

  3. Wonderful products. ^^
    Lovely greets nessa

  4. I need to buy that Beauty Blender! i have heard so many good things about it! xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstick

  5. Lovely meeting you at the Blogger Bash the other day! Just been having a read of your posts - I definitely need some of that body oil now the sun's coming out and I'm going to have to bare my legs soon... *cries*

    Grace // xx


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