top posts in january

top posts in january

Every month I am planning to do a monthly sum up of my posts, the one which were the most popular will be featured at the end of each month.

My Foundation Collection - Personally I love testing out foundations, so a post all about the base was just something fun to write. Hopefully soon I will do a full review of every foundation I own.
2015 beauty/blog/personal goals - Again in January I also enjoyed reading other bloggers goals for 2015. I think goals posts should be written more often, not only once a year.
14 favourites blogs of 2014 -  Sharing you favourite blogs is a fun thing to do, everyone can discover new blogs to follow.
14 favourites hair products of 2014 - Haircare is my new favourite thing atm. I am really into letting my hair grow and trying to keep them really healthy. 

  1. I love this idea! There's obviously a reason why they're your most popular posts so I'm off to check them out now
    Daxidream x


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