the best posts in 2014

the best posts in 2014

I really love reading sum up of 2014 posts. I like the idea of Top 5 blog posts of 2014, it's a great way to work out what your followers liked to read on your blog. Also a great way to have a look what you have written about in the past year. Do you remember any of these posts? Here are my top 5 most popular posts of 2014.

Updated: my ikea malm dressing table - I am actually not surprised, the storage posts are also my favourite to read. Love to see how people like to store they make-up collection, I always discover new ideas, as well as inspiration how I can make my own storage even better. 

2013: Top 5 Make-up Products - Favourites posts are always a good choice. I will be doing my 2014 beauty favourites hopefully by the end of this week. Personally I love going through old blog posts to see what I liked at current time and you can also observed how much a opinion on a product you liked before can change, after a longer period of time using it.

L'oreal Nude Magique Foundation - I still do like this foundation, but it's not the one I would reach for on daily basic. My opinion on it still haven't changed. 

My MAC Quad Palette - Great post for people who are building up they own palette, I am currently building up my 15 eyeshadow palette and I like to look through others bloggers palettes, great way to get inspiration for what shades to pick up.

Wardrobe Tips and Tricks - This was such a quick post of mine, I am glad you all liked it. Don't we all like tips and tricks posts? I think they are easy to read and you can learn something new.
  1. Love these kind of posts. Bookmarked it so I can read all of them!

    Fee x

  2. This is such a post idea, I'm now going to read each of the posts you mentioned! Your blog is absolutely gorgeous by the way - so detailed and organised, and great content!
    - Jodie x


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