2015 beauty/blog/personal goals

2015 beauty/blog/personal goals

Want to achieve as much as I can in 2015, you only have one life so write the best story! To be honest I am such a happy person, my life have changed so much in the last 3 months, I never expected things to work out the way they did. Not going to lie I am such a happy bunny that I manged to blog everyday in December until Christmas! Although I wasn't really happy with some post, now I am all about quality instead of quantity. This year will be my year!

Blogging Goals: 
01. Improve on Photography: I really want to improve, I feel like photos sometimes are more important than the actual text. Everyone sets they ladder really high, personally I love good photographs too, that just makes me want to follow a certain blog. During 2012-2014 I have learn a lot about camera settings, how to use it etc. At the beginning of January I bought myself Canon 5D Mark III, I just needed a upgrade, as well as I also been studying Photography at Uni. I am also planning to invest in new lenses.
02. Be More Organise: Not going to lie, I am so shit at organising my time. You could actually notice this by the amount of post I have written in 2014. Now I need to plan, plan and PLAN! Curently I been filling up my notepad with the posts I want to write, this will make my life a lot more easier.
03. Comment More Often: What I have observed lately that there is a lot more less comments that there was around 2 years ago. I also did get a little lazy too, but I am going to try to support other bloggers as much as I only can! I also need to improve on replying to comments on my own blog.
04. Be More Active on Twitter: I hardly ever use twitter, although I think it is such a great platform to get to know bloggers and promote the blog. #bbloggers chat are just amazing in my opinion, just perfect Sundays.
05. Start A Youtube Channel: My friends are going to kill me one day, I been wanting to start for such a long time, but I am just never happy with the quality of the videos or the lighting. Will be ordering a lamp and hopefully that will help me out.

Personal Goals: 
01. Less Eating Out: I need to control that a bit more, need that Healthy Kick in my life, as there is actually no point of me going to the gym and then eating out/buying take away. As well as this will also make me save so money.
02. Start Saving Money: If you had already read this post, I am on a spending ban for 60 days. I really need to save up some money and stop wasting money on things I just want but don't really need.
03. Don't Waste Time: As I've mention above, I need to organise my day a  lot more, as I normally sleep till late and then waste my day in front of TV before going to work. Calendar is a must have for 2015!
04. Get Another Tattoo: Since getting my first Tattoo on my 20 birthday, I just want more! I really want little "23" on my wrist.

Beauty Goals:
Wash Make-Up Brushes: This was also my goal last year, I would hire anyone to actually wash my brushes! I don't mind wetting my hands, but I really dislike the drying process. I feel like my brushes just take forever to dry. If you have any tips to speed up the drying up process, please let me know.
Find A Good Skincare Routine: I started to believe in you only have one skin so take good care of it. Observe your skin, if something keeps breaking you out, pass it on or throw away. Would love to find out my perfect skincare routine.
Use Up What I already Own: Not going to lie, since I started to read blogs, my collection have grown so much! There is really no need for me buying more until I will use up at least 1/4 of my collection. Our bathroom is about to explode, it's not only me buying but also my Mum, whenever she will see something on offer, it will land in our bathroom.

I love writing sum up post, as I can always look but and check what sort of goals I've set up for myself. Thank you so much for sticking with me in 2014! 

  1. Great goals, I'm sure you can achieve them! Some of mine are similar :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. Great goals! My blogging goals are so similar to yours... you should definitely start making videos though, I started a year ago and absolutely love it! xx


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