top posts in january
Every month I am planning to do a monthly sum up of my posts, the one which were the most popular will be featured at the end of each month.

My Foundation Collection - Personally I love testing out foundations, so a post all about the base was just something fun to write. Hopefully soon I will do a full review of every foundation I own.
2015 beauty/blog/personal goals - Again in January I also enjoyed reading other bloggers goals for 2015. I think goals posts should be written more often, not only once a year.
14 favourites blogs of 2014 -  Sharing you favourite blogs is a fun thing to do, everyone can discover new blogs to follow.
14 favourites hair products of 2014 - Haircare is my new favourite thing atm. I am really into letting my hair grow and trying to keep them really healthy. 

john frieda go blonder duo
Why does my image look always nicer in Photoshop, and then once I upload them on Imgur or Blogger they became darker. Any tips for what to do please let me know. Okay, going back to the actual post, today I just wanted to share my thought on the John Frieda Go Blonder Set. I love having blonde hair and I will do everything to get rid of the gingery tone from natural hair colour. As well as I am maintaining the blonde ombred ends. 

The John Frieda Go Blonder range is just a life saver of mine, always make my hair colour look amazing! I know that Fleur De Force didn't like this range, as they done some damaged to her scalps, where as I haven't been having any issues. I tend to use the Shampoo every second wash, along with the conditioner. Sometimes I tend to use the conditioner with other shampoos. To be honest my hair did get lighter, it's not a dramatic change, but something did happen. The shampoo smells really nice, my hair don't became flat after using it, indeed they have lots of volume. The conditioner does make my hair softer and less frizzy, again the frizz is less visible but not something amazing, I still use a serum at the ends of my hair to smooth everything down. Although I would recommend you the duo if you want your hair to look a bit more lighter, as well as you want to get rid of the brashy tones from your hair.  Have any of you had a chance to try it out before?
instagram lately
I haven't done Instagram updates for such a long time, sometimes I just go for a deleting spree as I don't like a certain photo, this kind of posts would be cool for me to memorise what I have posted on Instagram. Make sure you are following me @burningblonde. My profile is private for personal reasons.
1// nothing better than work out and a good magazine 2// selfie:simple make-up and natural hair
3//my first healthy pizza on a wholemeal wrap 4// empties, you can read more here.

5// maya the queen 6// casper is such a sweet kitten once he is asleep
7// plummy eye make up, I like to experiment with eye make-up lately 8// maya candid

Feel free to let me know if you would like to see more instagram updates, I might do them once a month, if you would like to. Have a lovely Tuesday. x
bronzers for pale girls

I never been into bronzing before, as I am pretty pale and every bronzer looks orange on my face. I just wanted to introduce you to my three new lovers, decided that I won't include the Nars Laguna, as it's been featured on my blog so many times and I don't want to keep on repeating myself how much I love it.

NARS Contour Duo in Olympia: While browsing at the counter, I came across Nars Contour Duo, I never seen it before so I guessed it was something new. The product is matte, haven't noticed any glittery particles. The powder blends really well on the face. The highlighter is very powdery, and it isn't really illuminating on the skin, I mostly use it to pale out a bronzer if I just apply too much. I also like to use it under my brows. The product is amazing for pale girls! Although I would say it's not really a product that you need, for the price there are many other contouring/bronzer out there.
Clarins Bronzing Duo in Light: Ahh this have been on my wishlist for so long! I bought it at the end of the summer. The Left side is more matte, whereas the right side is more glittery, it's a perfect duo once mixed together. I would only use the left side as a contour as it not that glittery, although if you want to add more warm tones to your pale skin, I would recommend using it on the places which the sun would normally hit. Looks absolutely stunning on the skin, easy to blend, is not as powdery as the Nars Duo. The packaging is also really beautiful.
The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in Light: Finally something that is a lot more cheaper, I would recommend you to watch out for Body Shop offers before buying it for the full price. This is a powdery products, but once you tap off the excess product from the brush it looks flawless on the skin! It's a matte bronzer, doesn't look orange on the skin. I find it to be really similar to the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Doesn't have any scent to it. If you on a hunt for a cheap, but amazing bronzer just go for it, you have nothing to lose. 
my foundation collection
Holy Molly! I just realised how many foundations I actually own. Okay this is scary. One face doesn't really need 10 foundations, but I just can't help myself, foundations are my favourite things to try out. I already have a list of foundations I want to try out next, if you have any recommendation of medium coverage, dewy finish foundation, please let me know.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation: The Studio Fix Fluid will be forever my favourite! The colour match is great, works so well with my skin. The coverage is medium, but once it dries out you can build it up to full coverage. I will soon update you with a full review.
L'Oreal True Match Foundation: I have mention this foundation, quite a few times on my blog. I do still like it, but mixed with other foundations. Apparently it's very similar to Giorgio Armani, but I have never tried any GA foundations, yes they are on my wish list. You can read my thought on the True Match here.
L'Oreal Nude Magique Foundation: Haven't used it lately, just because the coverage is a lot more lighter and the texture is really runny. I love to wear it during the summer, as it goes along with the heat. More indept review is over here.
Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation: Ahh this is my true love! I can't express how much love I have for this foundation! My all time favourite summer foundation, I think this is my second or third bottle. It's so tiny, so you can easily take it on holiday with you. Again the review is over here.
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: Winter favourite, I call this a full coverage foundation, although it's a medium coverage foundation. I love how long it lasts on the skin, does make the skin look slightly cakey, when you just apply too much. I really wish it would come with a pump, that would be so much easier.
Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream: My first ever CC Cream, so I can't really compare it to others. I wonder if all CC Cream are so light weight, but have such a great coverage. It's very similar to the Foundation, but more watery in the formula.
Dior Star Foundation: I can't say much about this foundation just yet, as it's fairly new to my collection and I only used it three times so far, but I do really like it.
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation: I don't really know what to say, I have a love hate relationship with the Silk Creme Foundation. Sometimes it looks so flawless on my skin, but on the other day it just sits on my pores and looks really bad. I do love the coverage, but I think I need to work out which primer would be perfect for it.
Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Foundation: Ehh I could say it's £40 of waste! Looks so bad on my skin, it's really thick. Very yellow on the skin, I much more prefer the liquid version. I will try to give it another go, as it did cost a lot of money.
Bourjouis 123 Perfect Foundation: I am currently using this on daily basic, as I am trying to use it up, I do really like the way it looks on my skin, the colour match is perfect. It's very light on the skin, blends really well. Lasts around 6hours on the skin.

What are your favourite foundations? Have you tried any foundation I've mention above? After having a read about my current foundation collection, are there any foundations you would recommended me to try out? 

meet the kitten: casper
Hello my lovelies! It's finally time to introduce you to our new family member, Casper. Our little ghost Casper, he is such a cutie! I love his blue eyes, he is a really active cat, guess like most kittens are. If you may already know we already own Maya (she is turning 4 this year), she is also a Persian cat. She is still getting used to Casper, he wants to play with her, but she just keeps showing him she is the boss in this house, although she likes to be in the same room with him, as whenever he is not around she will go and look for him.

Casper was born on the 11th of November, he is 10 weeks old at the moment. I been spamming my facebook and instagram profile with cute photos of him, I just want to document his childhood, as it's our first cat which is with us from kitten. Maya have joined the family when she was almost one year old, as we bought her in Poland and she grew up with my grandparents, while we were waiting for her passport. I might do one post one day about what vet stuff you need to do with your kitten etc, although I am not a pro. I love how he falls asleep on my laps or next to my neck, such a warm fluffy feeling. Will definitely keep you updated on how he grows and his health.

things i've used up #12

Finally getting rid of some empties I've collected lately. I also have another empties post to type up and I believe there is a larger amount of empties product, so watch out for that. Personally I like to show less product in one post, as I feel like it's a lot more clearer to read.

Vichy Dermablend Foundation: Had this foundations for around two years, I really loved it mixed with L'Oreal True Match! This is a high coverage foundation, comparable to Estee Lauder Double Wear, both are amazing! I would definitely repurchase it again, next winter, for now I am planning to use up over foundations I own.
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel: My favourite shower gel, for me Body Shop shower gels are just great, they smell really good and do the thing, not too expensive.
Davines Well-Being De Stress Lotion: I used to use it to de-tangle my hair before brushing, wasn't too keen on the scent, but overall the product wasn't bad, kept my hair in a good condition. Not something I am thinking of buying again.
Nails Inc Moisturising Foot Exfoliator: Amazing product to get your feet ready for summer, the exfoliator separates, so you will need to mixed it up, with your finger. Leaves your feet feeling really soft.
La Roche Posay Micellar Water: To be honest I didn't like it as much as I liked the Garnier Micellar Water or the Bioderma. It did remove the make-up, but I just didn't like it to remove my eye make-up, it just wasn't strong enough for my mascara.
The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter: To be honest I don't know what to think of it, smelled good, but on the other hand I didn't like this sort of oily film, which was left on my skin after each use. Also whenever I used it to remove my eye make-up it kept leaving my eyes with a blur, if you know what I mean.
Sally Hansen Nail Polish  Remover: Nail polish remover is just a nail polish remover, done the job, didn't do any harm to my nails. I did like it.
L'Oreal Nail Polish in Nouvelle Vauge 851: I am so sad that I am out of my favourite nail polish, loved the colour so much! Will be definitely picking it up again, sadly the brush can't pick up what's left inside, but over all I do really like L'Oreal nail polishes.
Philip B Peppermint and Avocado Shampoo: This was a sample but I can tell you straight away, I will be picking up the full size! This shampoo was just so amazing, cleansed my hair so well, didn't make my hair go flat. My hair been left feeling very lightweight and volumized.

14 favourite blogs of 2014
It's finally time to mention the blogs I really like! 14 blogs which I really enjoyed to read. You can also view on bloglovin who I follow. Guess all of the points will be exactly the same about each blogger.

LLYMLRS: I guess Lily will be my favourite blogger of all the time! I also really liked her youtube channel, her videos are really quick and straight forward.
VICTORIA TORNEGREN: Her simple style made me became obsessed with Victoria! She is so beautiful as well.
RASPBERRYANDRED: Weronika is such a beautiful and talented blogger from Poland! I love her hair, she just looks amazing! 
FLIRTINGWITHFASHION: I remember that I won FlirtingwithFashion Naked 2 palette giveaway, another favourite fashion blog of mine.
MARIANNAN: One of the first blog I've started following, I really love the lifestyle photographs.
LADYLIQUORVTQ: There is something in the photography that I really like about this blog, the blog is so easy to read!
GH0STPARTIES: Kate really have set the photography game really high! I must say she has amazing skills, she  is doing really well with running her own website and the blog. 
LIANA-BEAUTY: Ohh this girl! I really love her videos, she is just hilarious once she is with Estee, guess all of you have already heard of her.
MASCARA-AND-MALTESERS: Annabel has such a amazing blog! It's my new discovery in 2014, really like it.
SPARKLYVODKA: I love her brand focus posts, as sometimes I want to try out something from a brand but sometimes I just forget what I should pick up, her post are just great to work out what to buy.
THATGRACEGIRL: Grace photos are just the bomb! Such a shame that I haven't discovered her blog earlier.
SIANSHUTTERBUG: I first started watching Sian youtube videos, she is such a gorgeous girl!
GRACIEFRANCESSA: Gracie is one of my favourite youtubers, I love her personality so much! She also have a nice style.
MILKTEEF: Emma is my all time favourite, she had a blogging break, but she is getting back into blogging again, this makes me so happy!
14 beauty favourites of 2014
This post is going up really late, so sorry for that! I just wasn't happy with the photograph, but now I finally started to like it. Will be also sharing with you my favourite bloggers of 2014 in the next post and then all 2014 favourites would be out of the way, so I will be able to focus on reviews etc. Will do this post in a slightly different form than the other, hopefully it will be easier to read. 

2014 Favourites:
Primer: Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, the best primer I've discovered in 2014! Does make you foundation last longer and it's so smooth on the skin! This is actually a sample size, but you just need a tiny bit, so little goes a long way.
Foundation: This was a difficult one, but MAC Studio Fix Foundation is just a winner! My boyfriend really dislike the smell on this foundation on my face, I don't really mind it. The colour match is perfect, the coverage is medium. Doesn't get inside the pores, not sure why, but some of my foundations just get inside my pores after 2hours of wear.
Concealer: L'Oreal The Eraser Eye Concealer hands down the best concealer! The concealer have such a right amount of coverage, doesn't look cakey under the eye, it's really easy to use.
Powder:  Bourjois Healthy Balance Mattifying Powder my favourite powder of all time! Keeps the skin shine-free, also makes the foundation last a little more longer on the T-Zone. I like the fact that it does have some coverage too.
Brow Product:  Anastasia Beverly Hill Brow Wiz in Ash Blonde another great product of 2014! I must say Anastasia Brow Products are just the bomb! The Brow Wiz is great for lazy day, I am planning to buy a darker colour next time, as this one is too light for my liking.
Eyeshadow Palette:  I was stuck between Urban Decay Naked 1 palette and Urban Decay Naked Basic 1 palette, both palette are my favourite. I like to use Naked Basic during the day and the Naked mostly when I am going out, it's sucks so much that my favourite shades are pretty much used up already! 
Single Eyeshadow: L'Oreal L'Ombre Pure in 502 Lumiere, seen so many postive opinions on these and once I tried this one out last year, I went and bought more shades! They are so smooth and nice in texture, not to mention how great the colour pay off is. Definitely the best drugstore eyeshadows.
Mascara: impossible to pick one so I went for the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara and Dior Show Mascara, I love the Diorshow Mascara wand so much, as well as the length and volume it's gives my lashes. One issue I been having with it, that it does smudge a little, hopefully there will be a waterproof version soon! The Telescopic is amazing at separating the lashes and giving you lots of length.
Bronzer: Nars Laguna will be forever my favourite bronzer, it's actually the first bronzer I started using! It's not orange, works well for contouring.
Lipstick: Guess picking one lipstick is just too difficult. MAC Lipstick in Candy Yum Yum and Dior Lipstick in 558 Lili, overall I do really like MAC lipstick, this year I haven't really worn lipstick that often, but whenever I went out I picked the Candy Yum Yum. Dior Lili is just great easy to wear lipstick, is just more of a balm than lipstick I would say.
Lipgloss: Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Fairy Cake, not a big fan of lipglosses, but this one is a great one! Gives your lips a nice colour, it is matte, but it's not a dry matte it's more of a creamy/smooth matte.
14 hair favourites of 2014

It's finally time to start revealing products I really enjoyed using in 2014! Tomorrow I will reveal my favourite make-up products so watch out for that. I started to take better care of my hair, because I wanted to have longer and healthier hair. Since having a large chop in September my hair condition is a lot more better than before, as I don't reach for heat tools as often, as well as I only re-done my ombre once so far. 

GHD Hair Straighter was the best thing I ever done! My well spend money, I can finally curl and straight my hair with a straightener, I might do a full post on it soon. Bed Head Superstar Volumizing Hair Spray been my recent re-discovery, as I was going out and wanted my hair to have strong hold, but I didn't wanted my volume to drop down. This hair spray is just amazing for not weighting the hair down, although I do still have a issue with the scent. You can read full review here. I am not sure if you can buy Biosilk in UK, but if you can get your hands on this, just do it! This serum is just amazing, leaves the hair feeling so smooth, as well as the smell is really lovely! Tresemme Volumizing Dry Shampoo will always be my favourite, you can read the full review here. Pantene Conditioning Spray is my new discovery, I always like to use a Conditioning Spray on my hair, just to smooth down the frizz, as well as it's a great product to de-tangle the hair. As my hair are wavy in texture I like to use a sea salt spray, Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray is just amazing! Not to keen on the scent, but it does define the curls really well. Bumble and Bumble Deeep Mask is a protein hair mask, smells slightly like Bananas, leaves my hair feeling a lot more less frizzy and healthier looking. John Fredia Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner are amazing whenever I want my hair tone look lighter. Great way to get out of the ginger/yellow tones from the hair. Kiehl's Superbly Smoothing Argan Conditioner you leave it on you hair for 2-3 minutes, I normally use it in my shower, smells so amazing! Overall I been trying out few Kiehl's products and I really like them so far, whenever I will find time I will finally post full review on them. Schwarzkoft Osis+ Dust amazing for creating more volume, I also think it works great as a dry shampoo, when you hair are shiny, but not too greasy. The only thing I don't like about this, is that I always need to was my hair after using it the next day, but it's worth all the volume! Whenever I want to define my curls I would use mousse on dry hair, Vo5 Curl Definer Mousse smells so good! Doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky. Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner, been helping my scalps so much lately! As you may already know I have really dry scalps and this weather isn't helping at all, I apply this after washing my hair. My final favourite is The Body Shop Brush, my favourite brush of all time, keeps my hair knot free. From time to time I would recommend to give your brush a good wash, as they do tend to collect lots of dust. What's are your 2014 favourites? Any product you really like? 
the best posts in 2014
I really love reading sum up of 2014 posts. I like the idea of Top 5 blog posts of 2014, it's a great way to work out what your followers liked to read on your blog. Also a great way to have a look what you have written about in the past year. Do you remember any of these posts? Here are my top 5 most popular posts of 2014.

Updated: my ikea malm dressing table - I am actually not surprised, the storage posts are also my favourite to read. Love to see how people like to store they make-up collection, I always discover new ideas, as well as inspiration how I can make my own storage even better. 

2013: Top 5 Make-up Products - Favourites posts are always a good choice. I will be doing my 2014 beauty favourites hopefully by the end of this week. Personally I love going through old blog posts to see what I liked at current time and you can also observed how much a opinion on a product you liked before can change, after a longer period of time using it.

L'oreal Nude Magique Foundation - I still do like this foundation, but it's not the one I would reach for on daily basic. My opinion on it still haven't changed. 

My MAC Quad Palette - Great post for people who are building up they own palette, I am currently building up my 15 eyeshadow palette and I like to look through others bloggers palettes, great way to get inspiration for what shades to pick up.

Wardrobe Tips and Tricks - This was such a quick post of mine, I am glad you all liked it. Don't we all like tips and tricks posts? I think they are easy to read and you can learn something new.
2015 beauty/blog/personal goals
Want to achieve as much as I can in 2015, you only have one life so write the best story! To be honest I am such a happy person, my life have changed so much in the last 3 months, I never expected things to work out the way they did. Not going to lie I am such a happy bunny that I manged to blog everyday in December until Christmas! Although I wasn't really happy with some post, now I am all about quality instead of quantity. This year will be my year!

Blogging Goals: 
01. Improve on Photography: I really want to improve, I feel like photos sometimes are more important than the actual text. Everyone sets they ladder really high, personally I love good photographs too, that just makes me want to follow a certain blog. During 2012-2014 I have learn a lot about camera settings, how to use it etc. At the beginning of January I bought myself Canon 5D Mark III, I just needed a upgrade, as well as I also been studying Photography at Uni. I am also planning to invest in new lenses.
02. Be More Organise: Not going to lie, I am so shit at organising my time. You could actually notice this by the amount of post I have written in 2014. Now I need to plan, plan and PLAN! Curently I been filling up my notepad with the posts I want to write, this will make my life a lot more easier.
03. Comment More Often: What I have observed lately that there is a lot more less comments that there was around 2 years ago. I also did get a little lazy too, but I am going to try to support other bloggers as much as I only can! I also need to improve on replying to comments on my own blog.
04. Be More Active on Twitter: I hardly ever use twitter, although I think it is such a great platform to get to know bloggers and promote the blog. #bbloggers chat are just amazing in my opinion, just perfect Sundays.
05. Start A Youtube Channel: My friends are going to kill me one day, I been wanting to start for such a long time, but I am just never happy with the quality of the videos or the lighting. Will be ordering a lamp and hopefully that will help me out.

Personal Goals: 
01. Less Eating Out: I need to control that a bit more, need that Healthy Kick in my life, as there is actually no point of me going to the gym and then eating out/buying take away. As well as this will also make me save so money.
02. Start Saving Money: If you had already read this post, I am on a spending ban for 60 days. I really need to save up some money and stop wasting money on things I just want but don't really need.
03. Don't Waste Time: As I've mention above, I need to organise my day a  lot more, as I normally sleep till late and then waste my day in front of TV before going to work. Calendar is a must have for 2015!
04. Get Another Tattoo: Since getting my first Tattoo on my 20 birthday, I just want more! I really want little "23" on my wrist.

Beauty Goals:
Wash Make-Up Brushes: This was also my goal last year, I would hire anyone to actually wash my brushes! I don't mind wetting my hands, but I really dislike the drying process. I feel like my brushes just take forever to dry. If you have any tips to speed up the drying up process, please let me know.
Find A Good Skincare Routine: I started to believe in you only have one skin so take good care of it. Observe your skin, if something keeps breaking you out, pass it on or throw away. Would love to find out my perfect skincare routine.
Use Up What I already Own: Not going to lie, since I started to read blogs, my collection have grown so much! There is really no need for me buying more until I will use up at least 1/4 of my collection. Our bathroom is about to explode, it's not only me buying but also my Mum, whenever she will see something on offer, it will land in our bathroom.

I love writing sum up post, as I can always look but and check what sort of goals I've set up for myself. Thank you so much for sticking with me in 2014!