Tuesday, 16 December 2014

youtubers i like to watch

Watching my favourite youtubers is the best thing to do in my free time! To be honest I prefer youtube over blogs, would love to finally start filming soon, we'll see how that would work. In this post I would like to share with you some of my favourite youtubers. 

Sammi from the BeautyCrush was the first person who I actually started watching, then I've got into blogging world. I also really like Barbara from the PersianBabe her videos just make me so excited, she is such a babe! Not long ago I've fallen in love with Amelia, her and Essie combo is just amazing, both girls are just so funny. Brogan is one of my favourite too, I had a chance to meet her at the last year, she is such a lovely girl. There are so many vloggers I really like Sabrina (so gorgeous), Gracie(such a real girl and her boyfriend is so hot!),  Anna I love her favourites videos. Kate filming skills are just so amazing, she is Polish but she also records in English. I am a huge lover of Alix blog as well as her vlogs. There are so many youtubers I would like to mention, I don't only watch UK youtubers I also watch Polish ones. As I been observing the whole youtube world, I been getting really fed up with some big youtubers, I feel like they just sold themselves. Not even going to go into the book story. I am really bad at finding new youtubers so please let me know of any channels you like to watch.

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  1. Great post, I watch & love a lot of these people already but you've definitely put me onto some great new Youtubers! Allison Anderson (Amarixe) was probably the first person I started watching, she's brilliant! You might like Jamie Johnston, ZOE LDN, Albertine Brandon, MammafulZo if you don't already :)


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