updated: my ikea malm dressing table

updated: my ikea malm dressing table

The last updated make-up storage was posted in 2012 and a lot have changed! Been planning to do this post since the beginning of the year, but I never got around actually photographing my dressing table, as I never found a perfect solution how I would like to store my make-up. Currently I am really happy how everything is being sorted. I bought the Ikea drawer dividers, they are so cheap but fit the MALM dressing table so well! Before I used to use Glossy Boxes, then I bought Muji Acrylic separators, but what I currently have is a lot more better! The dressing table also had a glass on top, but sadly I dropped a candle on mine and it broke and you can't buy the glass separately. Inside I keep all the make-up I reach for on rotation,   as well as items I would like to use up. Definitely I own way too much make-up, but that is something I really like so I can't stop myself from buying it. 

I also store some of my make-up, haircare, nail polishes, inside the Malm chest drawers, which you can see on the second photo. I might do series posts about each category of my make-up, if that's something you would like to see. You can view my previous storage here
  1. This has so inspired me to organise mine! Gorgeous post xx

  2. I'm jealous! I don't have enough room to swing a cat in never mind a big dresser!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

    1. Aww sweetie, just sneak in the cat, there is always a little spot for a cat. x


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