Sunday, 21 December 2014

sunday portrait #61

001. I love my onesie, but I wouldn't mind owning this one from Urban Outfitters. That unicorn onesie looks so cool, but it's one size and that stops me from buying it, because I am worried that it may not be so loose on me as on the model.

002. Went out last night for a lovely meal with my boyfriend. Been really naughty today and went out again for another meal, my diet is going so well I guess. Polish food is never a bad option, but I been really craving cheesy burgers. If you have any places to recommend please do so and great places for breakfast in London, that would be amazing!

003. I would love to play the Sims 4! I miss building my own house, faking the money etc. Such a great game to forget about everything and relax, I just love to waste some time, just why not? Can't wait for bank holidays, finally some time off from work. What's are your plans for Christmas?

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