sunday portrait #60

sunday portrait #60

001. Another lovely weekend have passed, it's been a lazy one, but fun at the same time. Hopefully I will be joining the #bbloggers chat tonight on twitter, as I been really enjoy the chats recently. Great bloggers take part in it. 

002. I love the lighting in my room to take selfies. I am also planning to buy a ring light, as it's so dark pretty much all the time whenever I need to take photos for the blog, as well as I will be needing it for something else, more details coming soon. 

003. That Asos 20% off was so temping and I just couldn't help myself and I bought few things. Another red dress, just in case I won't like the first one, as it still haven't arrived. I also got myself new pair of heels, new shoes always get me excited. Have you picked up anything? 

Just a short post, as not much have been happening this week. I hope all of you had a lovely weekend! 

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