Friday, 5 December 2014

eye of horus scarab sapphire goddess eye pencil

I love my Kate Spade cover so much, but I am not going to talk about it in this post. A while back I decided to change back my eye make-up routine a bit and experiment more. The eye of horus goddess pencil in dark blue is a great option, when you want to switch from your black eye pencil, as the name says it's a dark blue, but once you smudge it out it becomes a nice lighter blue. I like wearing it along my top lash line and then I just smudge it out. The eye pencil comes with a little sponge at the end, so I use it for blending/smudging out. You must give it some time so it will fully set and the texture will dry, then it will stay in place and won't smudge.You can also wear it inside you waterline, or along the lower lash line. Have any of you had a chance to try it out?


  1. Hi Angelica - thanks so much for your lovely review, and to Charli who loves our Jewel Amethyst. We are thrilled you love our product which can now be found on Beauty Bay. x


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