burningblonde goes on spending ban?

burningblonde goes on spending ban?

Yes, I do need to try the 100 day spending ban! Instead of doing 100 days, I will do 60days. This will start on 1st January. I will not be allowed to buy any beauty products or anything I don't really need. If I would run out of something for e.g facial cleanser, cotton buds/pads then I will re-purchase it. Let's face is, since I got into beauty blogging (altogether 4years) I been trying out so many new products and my drawers became over packed! Would love to use up majority of the products I currently own. I saw Kat tweet today and I thought that I will just join the spending ban with her, hopefully we both will be able to do it!

Hopefully that will help me out in saving money and not just spending on things I don't really need, but I just want to try out (for blog purposes, not good enough excuse). Let me know if you're also starting a spending ban too, so we can support each other.
  1. this is a really good idea but i'm not sure i could stick to it!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin


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