Friday, 10 January 2014

things i want 46

So many things I would like recently, I am really into perfumes and skincare. As I planned I want to improve my skincare routine, it's getting better, just want to try out some new products. I read so many positive things about Khiel's Skin Rescuer, really want to try it out. Chanel Chance been forever on my mind, would love to treat myself with it. YSL Parisienne smells so amazing, I always thought that most YSL perfumes are really sweet smelling, well they are, but this one is just more floroal. Would love to add it to my perfume collection.


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  2. I got my mum the Chanel Chance for Christmas it smells lovely, defiantly go and treat your self. Just read your recent post, so jealous you got your hands on the limited edition Chanel eye palette its sold out every where x


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