Sunday, 5 January 2014

sunday portrait 58

001. Start of new year, I am slowly working towards my new goals, which I would like to achieve this year. Hopefully they will be successful. Mostly I would like to focus on my blog, as I missed writing, and I already had a long break.

002. Can't believe Christmas passed by so fast, the amount of food I consumed over Christmas is insane! Luckily I didn't put on weight, that a good thing. Now I am back to my healthy lifestyle, did I tell you I love going to the gym? It's not a lie. I took down my Christmas tree, so sad, as Christmas Tree is my favourite during the festive season.

003. I really want to change something about my hair, but I just don't want to damage it a lot, as I recently had a "big" trim. I been thinking of going a bit more lighter. Urghh first world problems. Guess I don't need a change for now. All I want is longer hair. Hopefully all of you had a lovely weekend.


  1. Hi. I'm new to blogging and just came across your page. I like your style, keep up the blog - I've only just started mine - P.s I vote for dying your hair lighter! :)

  2. Literally all three are true for me too. I'm so desperate to change my hair but I want to stay away from dye because it makes my hair terrible. I'm so sad at how quickly Christmas has gone!

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  3. great goals! good luck and happy new year :)

  4. Christmas went far too quickly, I can't believe its over!!



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