Thursday, 2 January 2014

new year’s beauty resolutions ’14

2014, already!? As I planned I decided to give up on blogging and came back in 2014. So I am planning to stick to my plan. I set myself goals a lot more often and I always aim to stick to them, some are more successful and other less.

01. Apply moisturiser more often, I keep on skipping this part during the nighttime routine, normally I am so tired that I just quickly remove my make-up with facial gel and then I just go straight to sleep. I never used to be like that, just became so lazy recently with my skincare. 

02. Take better care of my hair. I need to start using heat protection, whenever I use heat on my hair. Luckily I hate blow drying my hair, so that pretty much positive thing about my haircare routine. Use more hair masks and brush my hair more often. (I hate brushing my hair, I normally just do it before actually washing my hair). 

03. Take better care of my nails, need to stop biting/peeling the nail polish off, this such a bad habit. As well as I better care is needed too. I recently realised that my nails are a lot more drier.

04. Stop buying, start using. Every time I go shopping I came back home with new beauty product, addiction. It will be a lot easier when I will use up a certain product before buying a new one, as well as I need to start using up products which have been open for a longer while. 

05. Experiment more, I normally stick to the same look. Need to be more brave and play around a bit more with make-up. I would love to start wearing red lipstick, I love how it looks on other girls, I am just not brave enough to wear it myself. Also try to add blusher into my make-up routine.

What are your New Year’s beauty resolutions?


  1. I'm so bad at brushing my hair too, I need to do that more often.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. I tend to forget about the moisturizer too, but I've got a lot better at it during the past few months, because I now keep my moisturizer next to the bed, so that I remember to use it before I plug in my phone and take my glasses off. :D

  3. I know what you mean about night time moisturising, I'm usually so tired I can't be bothered but I must, my skin will thank me in the future!

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  4. Agreed with the experiment more resolution, I wear the same makeup day in day out and while I know it's what suits me best I really need to be a bit more adventurous. I need to use heat protection too, I'm really bad with that one!

  5. Great beauty resolutions! I need to experiment more,too :)

  6. if i take my makeup off with bioderma i always forget to moisturise. if i wash my face properly then i always finish off my skincare routine. i think the earlier in the evening you do it the more likely you are to keep up with your skincare. i know i've gotten lazy lately too! xx

  7. I need to get better at moisturising as well, very good in the mornings but so bad at night just tend to wipe my makeup off and go to bed!

    I also want to use up some lipsticks before I buy any more, was a bit naughty last year with my spending! x

    Sarah @ xx

  8. I also need to start finishing off products before buying more! I might set myself a one-out-one-in policy! xx


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