Sunday, 24 November 2013

sunday portrait 57

001. I just wanted to do this post forever! The last Sunday Portrait I done was in March, that was so long ago. Slowly getting back into blogging, I need to manage my time in a better way. Currently I am at Uni and I am also working, this is hard, but I am guess I am doing good. On top of that I also had signed up for gym and I am loving it, so I will have to make some time for everything. Need more hours in the day, wish that was possible. Luckily the Christmas Holidays are round the corner. Going back to my point, I would like to set myself a routine and post more often, as I have so many products I would like to let you know about. So many empties posts to be done, now I am feeling like I am using everything up and I can finally buy everything from my wishlist.

002. My life is a bit hectic, but slowly everything starting to work out. I finally bought my first car! I am so proud of my baby. Drives like a dream. Already manged to get my first ticket *sobs*, the money could had been spend on something better than the ticket.

003. Recently had a hair cut and I got into haircare. If you have any product recommendation please feel free to let me know what's good. I also need a good night cream, my skin is really dehydrated at the moment. New foundation is needed as well, damn so may things I need (well I don't, but I want). I am also planning to change my skincare, I want to try out different products, from different brands, as I don't feel like the products I am using at the moment work for my skin. Feel free to let me know about your favourite skincare products.

004. Hopefully you all had a lovely weekend, I would also like to ask you what you planning to do for new years, I don't have any ideas. If you don't mind I would love to find out what you're planning to do.



  1. I;m finding it so hard to manage work a social live and blogger!

  2. i love your hair!

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  3. Hahah I understand. University is so busy and especially when you have to go to the gym.

  4. I need to arrange my life!! I need a routine so bad. x


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