origins zero oil deep pore cleanser

origins zero oil deep pore cleanser

Skincare products are my favourite to try, I just love when my skin is in good condition, but I tend to stick to using to the same products, as my skin doesn't really like lots of different products. I really love Origins products, their face masks are just amazing!

This face wash also contains salicylic acid, which is great for reducing pore size and helping reduce blackheads. I am suffering with really bad blackheads on my nose and I had some hopes that this will help, but I didn't really notice any improvement. Although my pores did became almost unnoticeable, but that may be because my pores are actually really small in size, pretty much almost invisible, but from time to time they do open up, when I use the wrong product. The cleanser helped me to control the breakouts around the chin.   The smell is really fresh, love using it in the morning, I love the minty smell, which doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry. The cleanser does foam up really nicely.

I do really like the product, but I had higher hopes towards it. I am sure that Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser have lots of fans, but I just didn't really fall in love with it, but bare in mind skincare may vary for everyone, overall I would recommend trying it out, who knows this could be your lifesaver.

  1. I'd love to try this. That sucks that you expected more but I guess not all products are for everyone.


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