chanel inimitable intense mascara

Mascaras is my second favourite product to test after foundation. Each mascara gives a different effect. I mostly like mascaras with small plastic wands, L'Oreal Telescopic is currently my favourite, so is the Chanel Inimitable Intense mascara. I am not a fan of very wet mascaras, as they take forever to dry on my lashes, and normally I always do need to cough, then I am left with panda eyes, how annoying.

Inimitable Intense mascara has such a amazing brush, as well as formula. The brush separates the lashes so well, as well as it doesn't stick/clump the lashes together when you apply more than one coat. The mascara does add length, as well as volume once you layer it. One coat will give you very natural lashes look, I personally like really dramatic eyelashes look. The mascara is supposed to give curl, but I can't really comment on that, as my natural lashes are straight, even when I use eyelashes curler, the curl doesn't last long. If you have any tips how to make eyelashes curl last longer, please share your tips. It is very black, I haven't notice any flaking. Although as my left eye is always watery it does smudge a little in the corner of my eye, but that happens with every mascara, not sure why I still refuse to buy waterproof mascara. I like the fact that this mascara is very easy to remove at the end of the day.

The mascara is very expensive do I would recommend trying to get a sample of it, just like I did before buying the full size. I will definitely repurchase it. I must say that I like using it with L'Oreal Telescopic together, it's the best combination I tried so far.

things i want 44

I would love to own a bright colour jacket, this one has just look so good. I on a hunt for new pair of trainers, love the colour and shape of the Puma trainers, need to have a look at them instore. The Topshop jumper is such a easy piece to wear on lazy days.

april favourites


Can't believe it's May already, everyday is seem to go faster. During April I kept on using the same products, just to save as much time as possible, while doing my make-up in the morning. Urban Decay Naked Palette is just amazing for everyday eye make-up, I had hit pan on 3 eyeshadows. My favorite combination is Virgin all over the lid and then Naked in the crease. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation have been my lover recently, it's such a great foundation for daily use. I just love how creamy the formula is. MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer is my life saver, as my sleeping pattern is bad again. The Studio Sculpt concealer covers everything I need to be covered and it's last pretty much for the whole day. Avene Soothing Eye Contour Cream is one of my favorite under eye cream, I like to have my under eye area well moisturised.  Isn't Models Own nail polish in Utopia the most pretties lilac grey? I just love it on my nails.

blogging - what's happening

 I feel like I actually do need to explain myself. My life had been such a mess lately and I feel like I am finally sorting it out, I am not there yet, but I know I will be asap. I am not quitting blogging, I was just on a long break, finally getting back into it, won't neglect it anymore.  I am sorry if anyone is waiting for a email reply or comment reply I am working on it. Sorry for the delay in everything, wasn't expecting things to turn out this way. I am BACK and I will stay. I need to catch up on blogs too, haven't any for so long!