sunday portrait 55

001. What's going on with me, I had been such a bad blogger lately. My life isn't helping me. Everything is making me so easily distracted. I went out on Friday and my iPhone 5 got stolen! So I had spend my Saturday dealing with everything, sadly I didn't have insurance.Why on earth would you steal an iPhone? Once it's blocked the phone will never work again. I don't understand stupid people.

002. Can't believe we are half way April already! I am going to turn 19 this month. So excited for my birthday. I am going away to Poland, will have so much fun with my favorite people! Then I am also planning to celebrate in London with my amazing friends.
schwarzkopf osis+ dust it texture

I had this product for s long, I remember I received it in the Feel Unique Beauty Box last year. This is a texturising powder that you apply to the roots or mid lengths of the hair to give your hair volume and texture, without the need for backcombing. I normally apply it onto the roots, to add some volume to my flat hair. I like to apply the powder in different sections of my hair, mostly focusing on the roots, don't really like to apply it to mid length of my hair. In my opinion the powder is really easy to work with, but it's better if you start with a smaller amount and then build it up. At first I used to apply the powder on my fingers, then I worked it into my hair, now I just dust some powder directly onto my hair.  Not going to lie, this product feels so  disgusting in the hair, but it does make such a difference when you use it. I like the fact that's it's also mattifying, so it's works really well with oily hair. I would recommend using a deeply clarifying shampoo, as normal shampoo don't tend to get this out. Over all it's a really good product, as I said before I had mine for over a year now, so it will last your for long amount of time. Now there are plenty of different texturising powders in the market, so if you have any which you particularly like please let me know, would like to try out a new one.

products I've used up 5


Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash: In my opinion it's nothing amazing, just does the job. At the beginning I loved the smell, but after a while I stopped liking it as much as I used to. It does nourish the body, but I will still recommend using a body lotion afterwards.
Soap and Glory Foamy Fruity Body Scrub: This body scrub is just amazing! Whenever I used it my skin felt so soft afterwards. The smell isn't really my cup of tea, but the products itself is just amazing! When you reach the end, it's really difficult to get all of the product out.
MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara: My all time favourite mascara, it just works so well with my lashes. For now I think I found new mascara that is even better for my lashes, so I won't be going back to this one for a while.
L'Oreal Carbon Gloss Liquid Eyeliner: The best liquid eyeliner I had used so far. It is truly black, and it does stay black for the whole day. Nothing more annoying than an eyeliner turning grey after few hours of wearing. I am not sure if they had discontinued  it, need to do my research.
Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara*: This mascara is just amazing! I think I will splurge on full size. It had lengthen my lashes so well, didn't leave any clumps. It's slightly reminds me of L'Oreal Telescopic.
AA Day and Night Face Cream: Cream which I bought in Poland, I had run out of my face cream so on a whimp I bought something that will help me keep my skin moisturised. To be honest it didn't amaze me, every time I used it I never felt like my skin is actually absorbing the products. Left me with this uncomfortable feeling, that something is on my face. Glad I finally had used it up.
Inglot Nail Polish Remover*: I never had been picky about nail polish remover, as long as they would actually fully remove my nail polish I would be happy. The Inglot Nail Polish remover worked well with my nails, didn't leave my nails dry. I took it on holiday with me, the sample size was very piratical.

things i want 43

My obsession on biker jackets is growing! Seriously I need to finally get one for myself. Somehow I don't own any statement necklaces, the one from Topshop looks just beautiful, but it's so expensive. The little studs earrings look really pretty. Currently I been wearing lots of little string bracelet, this one would just look very nice on it's own. The Clarins Splendours palette is just so nice! The colours are stunning.