I heart spring tag
 While I was catching up on blogging, I came across the "I heart spring tag". Found the tag on Jordan's blog. I really like the questions, so I've decided to also do it. Can't believe that we still have such a cold weather at the end of March, hopefully the it will be warmer asap.

Favorite spring nail polish?
I don't really tend to have one favourite colour, but during spring I often reach for Models Own Lilac Dream. I love pastels colours on nails during spring or even all year round.

What is your must-have lip color this spring?
Hmmm.. I been wearing MAC Naughty Saute(LE) for the whole 2 weeks lately. It's a bright pink and I just love wearing it. During Spring I will definitely reach for softer pinks.

Favorite spring fashion item?
Scarfs! As you all may already know I been to Morocco last week and I have fallen in love with scarfs even more, they have the most designs! Wish I bought more than one.

What's your favorite flower?
I love tulips, they just remind me of spring a lot.

What spring trends are you most excited about this year?

Monochrome, I love mixture of the bold graphic patterns 

Favorite spring candle?
Recently I haven't been burning candles as often as I used to, so I don't really have any favourites. Need to get back into them again.

Favorite fragrance for spring?
Dior Addict (pink version). My all time favouirte perfume. For nighttime I reach for Hugo Boss  Nuit.

What is spring like where you live?
Snowy! I think that this may be the first time in my life when I w

What's your favorite thing about spring?
I love being able to spend more time outside, as well as wearing more pinks, peaches, and other spring inspired colors.

Are you a spring cleaner?
I am an all year round cleaner, I love cleaning and organising my bedroom. During spring time I tend to get rid of more things, I like to be surrounded by less products in my bedroom.

Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
For now I don't really have plans for summer holiday. I am dreaming about going to Ibiza, if I won't go this year, will definitely go next year. In April I am going for a weekend away to Poland for my Birthday.

things i want 42

This post should be sponsored by topshop, so many things I want from Topshop. It always like that, whenever I am broke I want everything! I always liked stripes, I am aware that they don't look very flattering on my figure, but I really do like them. I will always have something for triangles, the studs look so pretty. This is my new "dream" bag! Looks so good on the website, wonder how would it look in real life. Bracelets are my new thing, this one looks so nice!

rimmel wake me up foundation

Foundations will be forever my favourite thing to try. At first I kept on thinking that this foundation may be to dark for me, as when I first swatched it was way to dark than my skintone, but in the end the lightest shade it's a great match for my skintone. The orange lid makes the bottle look so cool on the dressing table.

The foundation last on the skin for around 6-8hours, after around 4hours the oiliness on my nose starts to come through, so I have to powder it. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation contains glittery particles, which are very noticeable under direct sunlight. The glittery particles do make your face look more glowing, it's great when your skintone is slightly tone. For me this is an light to medium coverage foundation, it doesn't cover all of my redness around the cheeks.  The formula of this foundation is very thick, other foundations are more runny. I like to apply it with my fingers or I use the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Currently I been obsessed with this foundation and I been wearing it on daily basic.

sunday portrait 56

001. I am back to UK! Feels like I been away for such a long time! I feel amazing, but I am also so tired. It was a college research trip, so we been out of the hotel from 9am-5pm, then we been parting until 2-4am. So you can already imagine that I haven't had enough sleep. Had the best time, Morocco is so beautiful, the weather was so nice! Would definitely go back. On the last two days I got ill, blocked nose, sore throat and temperature.

002. Not sure what happened to my blog, were are the posts, which should go up? Could someone let me know what going to happen to GFC? I read something on twitter but I am still unsure.


sunday portrait 55

001. Packing, promise I am only taking essentials. I am going away for 6 days to Morocco, Marrakech. So excited, I really do need some sun back in my life. Says the person who loves winter. Hopefully BurningBlonde will come back slightly tan. So excited for the beautiful photos.

002. When I will be back from Morocco I am planning loads of changes in my life, will keep you updated on this bit.

003. Blogwise I have scheduled some posts, while I am away. After I will be back I would love to get back into my blogging routine. Really do miss blogging on daily basic, wish I had more time on my hands or I would stop wasting the time I have on doing nothing. Whenever I had spare 15min I just want to chill and do nothing.

004. Good news for me I got into the UNI I wanted to go(?), I will be studying Photography. Wish I had chosen Graphic Design, as that's a thing which interest me a lot more. Hopefully I will be able to do a transfer or something like that. Although I am still unsure about going to UNI. Having 30-50k debt while starting my "adult life" doesn't excite me. I have 2 more interviews to go, I am still slightly unsure about my first choice as it's so far away from my house, I won't be able to afford moving out.
models own nail polish in utopia and pink fizz


My favorite nail polish combination. Utopia is one of my favourite base for glitter nail polishes, I also really like it alone. Utopia is a pretty milky lilac with a hint of  grey nail polish, looks so pretty on the nails. It's a very easy colour to wear on nails. Most Models Own nail polishes last for around 2 days on my nails with out a topcoat, I do a lot of things with my hand every day, ehmm I am also a art student. Pink Fizz is the most beautiful dazzling pink glitter, you only need one coat to make it look great, I normally go for two when I want to make it look more intensive. I don't really wear Pink Fizz on all of my nails at once, as I think it looks slightly tacky for my likings. Overall I do really love both nail polishes, Utopia is one of my favourite. 

If you following me on Twitter you probably already know that I got in the university I really wanted to get in, now I am the most happiest person! Hopefully blogging will be back to normal, I miss blogging on daily basic. 
february favourites


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation: The best foundation for everyday wear. At first I was very worried that the lightest shade may be too dark for my pale skintone, but luckily it's perfect match for my skintone. It's a dewy finish foundation, with shimmery particles, which are visible under direct light/sunlight. The finish is light to medium, the texture isn't as runny as in most foundation, it's more creamy, leaves my skin feeling really soft.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer: I really like the formula of this concealer and the coverage. It's not long lasting, but I still love it. Helped me survive whole February.  
MAC Nail Polish in Endless Night: Nude nails are my thing at the moment. They are so easy to pull off, this is such a pretty shimmery nude nail polish.
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in Rose Libertin #26: Very pretty blue pink lipstick, the packaging is so pretty. One downside when I was carring it in my handbag, it had collected lots of scratches, so it doesn't look as pretty as it did before, it's all my fault as I should carry it in make-up bag.
Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Emerveille: I recently had started to wear it as an eyeshadow base, usually I wear it as an eyeshadow colour. I must say that it does help me make my eyeshadow stay on much more longer on the eye. Also looks very pretty under eyeshadows. 
MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation: This had been my lifesaver for the past months. As I been normally out of the house from 9am until 10pm and after around 4-6hours my forehead and nose gets oily, so I love using this to cover everything up. Sometimes when my foundation wears off I tend to apply this on top and everything looks so much better. Great product to use for touch ups.
Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub: This scrub smells so nice and it's amazing everyday use scrub. 

I have linked all the full reviews, others reviews are coming up soon.