Wednesday, 20 February 2013

too many products

Yesterday I decided to clear up all my make-up, skincare, haircare products and I felt that I may have a problem. My "collection" is... I seriously don't need to buy more products for next couple months, but there is always a launch of something new or my list of "things I want" is never ending. Sometimes I just feel overwhelm with my collection and all I can think of is using the products up. I normally feel extremely happy when I mange to use something up. Whenever I'm shopping and I see something that I want, but don't need, I tell myself "it's for the blog, I want to review it". That's pretty crap explanation, please tell me I'm not alone. 

Of course we all like to try out new things, but we all need to have some sort of control over it. Do I really need 10+ shower gels? 6 shampoos? I have a problem. My bathroom is filled with beauty products, you should see the tiny spot of my dad and brother products. Of course me and Mum do share most of the things. Must not forget all of the products will be "out of date" after a while.  I need try stay away from beauty counters and learn when to stop buying. Have any of you got any tips how to have control over spending money on beauty products? 



  1. I have around 10+ shampoos and 6 shower gels, what am I doing with my life?! Try rotating the products each week, it might make things more interesting? :) x

  2. I've also done this recently because I have way too many shower gels etc. I have too many of everything but like you I've always got a growing wishlist! My only tip is to write down what you spend, or make a mental note of what's in your collection and try not to buy anything TOO similar! It's hard though, there's too much temptation!
    Rebecca-Louise -

  3. I have this issue but with online shopping. So now, what I do is, get cash out at the start of the week for things I need , and then hide my card. Its working so far! Plus tell yourself you will only buy a new shower gel when youve used one, and do lots of empties posts ;)


  4. I'm exactly the same! The only thing I do to help it is rotate what products I'm using, it's always great when you rediscover a love for something, and it tends to stop me buying too many :)


  5. I went cold turkey and didn't buy anymore. It took me EIGHT MONTHS to go through all my shampoos. I was shocked. <3

  6. wow that's a lot of products... but girls do need a lot of products :) x

  7. I had the same last year and i bloody went for it, literally used every last thing up. So much satisfaction getting through a bottle! Just be super strict with yourself! I'm currently doing so with make-up and every time i feel a super urge to go buy it, i jot it down in my notebook and when i'm finished on my ban i will then go and purchase it - even if i still want it! xxx

    I worked a PR company and got given so much hair stuff, i reckon i wont have to buy hair spray for the next 10 years whoops!! xxx

  8. Perhaps you could try using one of those pretty baskets to store one of each type of product (1x shampoo, 1x hairspray etc) and use those until they run out. If you put the others somewhere that you can't see them then it will be almost like buying a new product when you pull one out. I really need to take my own advice as I'm heading down the track of too many products! xx

  9. Oh wow, i have this problem all the time. Its so easy for products to pile up!

    Sophierosehearts x

  10. it's really enourms, but I'd also like to have soo big collection, who don't? :) I've got just 3 or 4 shower gels and 3 shampoos and it's enough for me :) all products look amazing!

  11. I always use the excuse that its for the blog. you are not alone. x

  12. Try doing a project 10 pan :) x

  13. I have that problem. Now i pick up things and ask why i need it. Do i have anything else that does the same thing? If im buying i just to review thats a waste. And i try to buy things when ive used something. But every week i go without something. Put £10 to one side then tell myself i can buy something amazing when the money adds up like a ud palette or mac lippies xx

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  15. hahaha ditto.
    i've been limiting myself to finish all of my half finished products.

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  17. I have so many skincare product too, but I always use the same ones. I really should get rid of the ones I don't use. My bathroom doesn't have any empty storage left!

  18. I'm exactly the same, I had to make a new years resolution to use everything up before I buy anymore, it's so hard haha!

  19. I'm exactly the same, my mum always tell me I have enough products to set up my own shop, I really dont need to buy any more for at least 2 years but I just can't help it. I really think there should be a beauty products anonymous lol :-)

  20. Jeeezzzz! That is a lot of products! Good luck with sorting them all out! Looks like a big job!

    E x


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