Sunday, 17 February 2013

sunday portrait 53

001. Fashion Week is here, I'm really enjoying it so far! So many well dressed people, I have learn that I need more statement necklaces and some neon accessories. Neon looks great against black clothes. The people around are so inspiring. At the moment I'm editing Day 3 photos, so they should be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

002. Just done some online shopping, how naughty of me. I need a trip to Primark badly, haven't been there for almost a year now. Trip to Topshop Outlet would be amazing too, I don't live far away from it, it's around 20min drive. All I need now is unlimited  money, I should be on spending ban. Currently I'm loving clothes more than make-up and I think that this is amazing, as I don't need more make-up.

003. I have so many projects to work on during my half term, when will I have break? Soon I will be also starting new job and I'm probably going to have more hours, which is great as I will have more money, but on the other hand I will have less free time. Hopefully I will be more organised. 



  1. No Primark in almost a year? I'd be dying! ahah! Lovely picture of you xxx

  2. I'm jealous that you've been able to go to LFW!

  3. you look gorgeous. i wish i was at lfw, all the posts are so inspiring! i need unlimited money too, hehe!xx

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  4. Very jealous of you being at LFW AND living near the Topshop Outlet! :-)

  5. Good luck at your new job! I'm dying to go to Primark again. I'm so sad we don't have it in my country. I became totally obsessed with it when I was in London.


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