20 random facts about me tag

20 random facts about me tag

This tag is really popular around bloggers at the moment, I love reading it too. So here is my own version, hope it will help you get to know me a bit better. Never thought that writing 20 random facts about myself will be so difficult.

01. I am fully Polish. We (mum+dad+brother) moved to London when I was 7 years old. 
02. In Year 4 on PE lesson I had slipped and hit the window with my head. I started to laugh at first, but when I felt something dripping, straight away I started to cry. I have ended up with two stitches on my left eyebrow. The scar isn't that bad, I barley notice it now. 
03. When someone doesn't speak directly to me I won't hear them, as I can't focus on what they are saying. 
04. I prefer texting than phone calls.
05. I'm struggling with my weight, I want/need to make a change about it! It won't happen overnight, but it will happen in some period of time. 
06. I'm so bad at saving money. 
07. Love organising things in my bedroom, I feel so much better when everything is in the right place. 
08. Love meeting new people, I'm very friendly person (I hope I am). I also have some sort of fake people radar, if that makes any sense, it's easy for me too work out who is my truthful friend and who isn't.
09. When I was 15 years old I went through really hard time, since March 2012 I feel a lot better about everything, but I am aware that all the broken feelings will never be fixed again. I really don't like speaking about my problems. Everything inside could be falling apart, but on the outside I will still smile.
10. Love shopping alone!
11. If I  have an option to chose from time for "me only" or hanging around with others, I will chose time for me.
12. I'm currently obsessed with Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and Hart of Dixie.
13. I used to wear a top bun everyday for 5 months, just because I loved the way it looked on me, as well as I tried to outgrow my bad hair cut.
14. I still haven't worked out my style, it's work in progress I guess.
15. I don't like beer/wine/champagne.
16. I like when someone else makes my tea, it taste so much better.
17. Been working since I turned 13 years old.
18. I'm still really unsure if I want to go to UNI or what I actually want to study.
19. Going to be this old this year, I share my birthday with Shakespeare (23 April). In November I found out that I also shared my birthday with my uncle (mum's brother) rip.
20. Writing lists makes me happy, I really like to tick off things I complete.
  1. I love these posts and writing lists xx

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  2. i love these posts. i prefer shopping on my own, then you can take your time and not have to worry about the other person getting bored xxx

  3. I've pretty my worn my hair in a top bun everyday for two years. Can never be bothered to do my hair down for work and when I go out out it just annoys me after a while when its down!
    I love these posts, its so interesting finding out little details about peoples lives

  4. I prefer texting too, phone calls can sometimes get me gittery haha

  5. These kind of posts are going viral"

    Agreed on the texting front!

    And think you should go to uni but pick something that is most liely to help you with your career! xo

  6. Loved reading this! I did mine today as well :) I too, always choose time for me!
    Hareem x

  7. Love these posts! I quite like shopping alone to! I love being about to look at what I want and be either quick or take me time. x

  8. Loved reading this xx



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