sunday portrait 54

001. Just done a large make-up clear out, as well as I had changed my storage system. I do still have my dressing table, but I decided to only store products I use on daily basic in my draw.  Looks so much neater now.  Might do an updated storage post or video? I am such a noisy person and I love seeing how people store their own make-up, great way to pick up ideas on storage. When everything is nice and tidy I feel so much better. 

002. I would really like a new blog layout,  but first I have to plan out how I would like it to look. I am going to reply to all comments asap, promise. I recently been getting lots of spam comments, I don't want to add the word verification as I know it's very annoying.  Thought of turning comments verification on, but I am not sure about it, what do you think? I have no idea how to work it out, I normally check my comments on daily basic, I do try to delete all spam comments as soon as I can. If you have any tips about how to deal with spam comments please let me know. 

003. Finally had a chance to catch up on Youtube videos. I been making Estee Grilled Cheese Toasts, so tasty, could eat it all day and night. I love food ideas videos, I always find something tasty. If you have any "cooking" youtube channels to recommend to me, please do so.

004. My cat is so cheeky, all she do is sleep all day. Can I swap life with her for a week? All I would dream about is new camera, would love to have new toy in my hands. Need to start saving.
things i've bought 7


So here comes a haul, from a girl who moans she is overwhelm by large amount of beauty products. Okay I admit, I am a shopaholic. I was just planned to pay a visit to the Topshop Outlet (I did go and picked up some great bits). Round the corner I notice that there is pretty large Boots store so I just went in to pick up the Tweezerman Tweezers, as the one I been using stopped being as good as they were before. To be honest it's impossible to go to Boots store just for one thing. I been seeing lots of posts about the L'Oreal Top Coat Confettis Richie, I really love the way it's looks with nude nail polish. I'm currently wearing it on my nails and I do like it. Might do a NOTD post. 

L'Oreal had an offer 3 for 2 and I thought that I want to go back to one of my favorite mascara, Volume Million Lashes, so I finally bought it again. Then I saw the Anti Redness CC Cream and I felt a need that I must try it, as I suffer with redness on my face. Hopefully it will help me cover my imperfections. Then you receive the cheapest product free(I had paid for the Top Coat separately) so I have finally picked up the L'oreal Telescopic Mascara, Anna keeps on raving about it, so I wanted to give it a go. Revlon had an offer buy one get one half price. The Colourstay foundation is apparently very similar to Estee Lauder Double Wear and I had recently run out of it, I do like to have medium to full coverage foundation, you know just in case. The Nearly Naked foundation is something new, I think, I never seen it before.  Estee recently done a review on it. The most annoying thing about both foundation is that they don't have a pump! Can't wait to be trying out all the things that I bought and writing full review on them. Have you tried any product mentioned above? 
things i want 41

Doesn't this jumper looks great? There is no improvement with the weather so I guess I still need some warm clothes, I love jumpers. I really like the zip detail at the back. Need a trip to IKEA, would love some new storage bits for my bedroom. I am also planning to finally paint my room white, the milky coffee on my walls isn't my cup of tea at the moment. White walls will make my room look so much more brighter. Laura Mercier Primer is something I want to try out for a while and I manged to use up all of my foundation primers, so I do really need a new one. 

too many products

Yesterday I decided to clear up all my make-up, skincare, haircare products and I felt that I may have a problem. My "collection" is... I seriously don't need to buy more products for next couple months, but there is always a launch of something new or my list of "things I want" is never ending. Sometimes I just feel overwhelm with my collection and all I can think of is using the products up. I normally feel extremely happy when I mange to use something up. Whenever I'm shopping and I see something that I want, but don't need, I tell myself "it's for the blog, I want to review it". That's pretty crap explanation, please tell me I'm not alone. 

Of course we all like to try out new things, but we all need to have some sort of control over it. Do I really need 10+ shower gels? 6 shampoos? I have a problem. My bathroom is filled with beauty products, you should see the tiny spot of my dad and brother products. Of course me and Mum do share most of the things. Must not forget all of the products will be "out of date" after a while.  I need try stay away from beauty counters and learn when to stop buying. Have any of you got any tips how to have control over spending money on beauty products? 

london fashion week aw13 day 3

Another amazing day spend at the London Fashion Week. The people around have such a great positive energy. I notice that bright colours are very on trend, as well as black outfits with neon accessories. I love looking at the outfits people wear, wish I actually taken more photos, but I was feeling so shy on Sunday. The weather was nice, but it wasn't too warm.

sunday portrait 53
001. Fashion Week is here, I'm really enjoying it so far! So many well dressed people, I have learn that I need more statement necklaces and some neon accessories. Neon looks great against black clothes. The people around are so inspiring. At the moment I'm editing Day 3 photos, so they should be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

002. Just done some online shopping, how naughty of me. I need a trip to Primark badly, haven't been there for almost a year now. Trip to Topshop Outlet would be amazing too, I don't live far away from it, it's around 20min drive. All I need now is unlimited  money, I should be on spending ban. Currently I'm loving clothes more than make-up and I think that this is amazing, as I don't need more make-up.

003. I have so many projects to work on during my half term, when will I have break? Soon I will be also starting new job and I'm probably going to have more hours, which is great as I will have more money, but on the other hand I will have less free time. Hopefully I will be more organised. 

london fashion week day 2 a/w 2013

London Fashion Week, amazing place to be at! I love the people, they are so inspiring. Sadly I wasn't able to attend Day 1, but I will be around for the whole week. So great that the "english weather" had improved, otherwise everyone would be wearing a coat and there wouldn't be many interesting outfits to photograph. Sadly my other lens have broke, so I been using the 50mm one, it isn't great for full body street style snaps, as you have to move far away, but I'm still happy with the photos I manged to snap. 

Is that Mark Francis and Victoria from Made in Chelsea? I do like Made in Chelsea, but I'm not the biggest fan of both characters, as I find them slightly fakeish. I always imagined that they would be pretty average height, but they are a lot taller. I had a chance to meet Juliett (maffashion) and Jessy, both girls are amazing! They are Polish Fashion bloggers, both girls are amazing!  I can spot lots of bloggers on my photos, but I don't remember their blog names, if you do please let me know in the comments. After 2 hours my camera battery died and I haven't taken as many photos as I hoped. Tomorrow I will be taking another battery with me as back up. So excited to go back. 
things i want 40

A girl can wish. This top/dress really reminds me of Wildfox items, which are expensive. I really like the font, as well as the actual shape of the top/dress. New camera, my dream! I would love Canon 650D or 600D, as long as it have flip screen I would be happy. New lenses would be also useful, I need to promise to myself that I will save money and splurge on new camera. The Mulberry Effie Tote would be my perfect bag, the logo is so big on this version, but on the Mulberry actual website is a lot smaller, so I would like it more. Not a big fan of flashing logos. For now I can only stare at the bag, maybe one day? Happy Valentines Day.
the body shop chocomania body butter


Body lotions or butter are a must during winter. My skin tents to get really dry during winter time, so after shower/bath I always put a moisturiser on the skin. I like to own variety of moisturisers, as  I like to have a choice of scents. The Body Shop body butters are my favourite choice during winter, as the consistency is very thick, but smooth. The range of scents is also amazing. 

The Body Shop Chocomania range is actually really nice, the smell of chocolate isn't very overpowering. Although when you wear it you will smell like a "walking chocolate". The scent is very long lasting on the skin, last for around 10-12 hours on the skin. Sometimes when I just don't feel like smelling only like chocolate I mix it with coconut body spray, my favourite mixture. Chocomania is very thick like all Body Shop Butters, but then once you apply it on the skin it's really smooth and absorbs really well. Although it doesn't belong to super fast absorbing lotions, I recommend only using it before bed. It's very moisturising on the skin. Personal note it doesn't taste as great as it smells.

sunday portrait 52

001. BurningBlonde wearing red lipstick?!  Seriously. I might finally convince myself that I can pull of red lips. I'm wearing the Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang, now every blogger and their mum seems to own these, so I have to jump in the bandwagon too. So far the Apocalips Lip Laquers are amazing, the formula is so nice. On daily basic I tend to wear pinks on my lips, but I think it's right time to move further than my comfort zone.

002. My skin is driving me insane! I'm suffering with really bad breakout all over my face, the chin and forehead area looks the worst. Bought all my old skincare products, which always worked for me, hopefully it will help me calm everything down.

003. It's kind of shocking but I didn't go out(party) for a whole month! I really don't feel like going out in the cold weather, when is it going to be warm again?! I guess that Fashion Week will be full of showing off  'coats', hopefully it won't be as I would love to take lots of photos of amazing outfits! Is any of you going to be around Fashion Week? 

004. On Wednesday or Friday I'm planning to go and see the LOLCAT exhibition, I love cats! I guess it's going to be interesting. Living in London for almost my whole life and I have never  explored it properly, need to finally start moving out of my house more often. If you have any places to recommend to me please do so. Tate Modern should became my new home, I haven't been to the V&A forever, one of my favourite place to visit when I need more inspiration in my life. 

Tag : 11 Random Questions

Lovely Sarah have tagged me to do the 11 Random Questions Tag, great way to find more about me.

1. Can you remember your very first beauty-related purchase? If so, what was it?
My first beauty purchase was probably mascara? Not sure which one exactly, but I think it was from Rimmel. Wish my memory was a lot better.

2. If you could have any beauty product (skincare or makeup) what would it be?
There are so many, I have over 3 pages of products which I would like to try out/own. I would like to try out and own most REN skincare products. Currently I would like to own the Urban Decay Naked Basic Palette. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, you can never have enough foundations.

3. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
Meeting the people behind the blog. There are so many great things about blogging.

4. What are your holy grail products and why?
Urban Decay Naked 1&2 Palette, most amazing colours for everyday wear. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, currently I'm loving it, really great coverage and colour match. Benefit They're Real Mascara is the best mascara I had a chance to use so far. Skincare wise I love La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Purifying Gel, life saver when my skin is in a very bad state.

5. Any beauty resolutions for 2013?
Change my make-up routine more often, I normally tent to stick to my favorites and wear the same make-up everyday. Need to experiment more! 

6. What type of beauty product do you keep on buying more of when you don't really need it?
Foundations and lipsticks. I love trying out new foundations, although I have fair amount I keep on buying more, as I'm still looking for 'the perfect one'. Lipstick are one of my weakness too, so many shades.

7. What made you start blogging?
I needed a place to share my passion, no one at home wanted to hear about make-up.

8. What do you enjoy doing besides blogging?
Photography, organising things (love writing lists), drawing/painting.
9. What's your favourite comfort food?
That's pretty simple chocolate!

10. Have you got a beauty tip?
Pretty basic, always wear an eye cream, take care of your under eye area. It's never to early to start taking care of it.

11. Imagine you're holding a dinner party - who would be your top 5 celebrities to invite?
The 5 Celebrities I would invite would be Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, Ashley Benson, Jennifer Lawrence and Chace Crawford.

I tag: Sarah/Ample Curvature, Leanne/Leanne-Marie, Sandra/ ThePuzzleOfSandrasLife, Molly/Mollyox and anyone else who would like to do the tag.

My questions: 
1. What are your Top 3 beauty products?
2. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
3. What made you start blogging?
4. What's your favourite makeup brush brand?
5. Dark or Bright colours on nails?
6. Any beauty tips, you would like to share?
7. Your favourite 5 blogs, which you like to visit on regular basic.
8.  What's your favourite perfume?
9.  What's your favourite skincare product?
10. What are your favourite blog posts to read?
11. Your favourite food to cook?

things i want 39

Hugo Boss Nuit Perfume smells amazing, I would love to own it. I am currently in love with Dior Addict perfume, but I'm starting to get bored of the same smell. The River Island Jacket would be even more amazing if it was black! The shape is so nice, I like the zip detail. Chanel Illuminating Powder looks so pretty, so expensive, but I can guess it worth the money. I would love to treat myself with this beauty.

bourjois healthy mix concealer


Concealer recently had been playing a large role in my life, as I haven't been getting lot of sleep. My under eyes area currently contain lots of blue and purple undertones. Luckily my under eye area isn't puffy. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer is really hyped around bloggers, and just like other bloggers I always like to try the hyped up products. I have used the Healthy Mix foundation and I did really like it, but every time I have used it, it broke me out.

The concealer is medium to high coverage, covers my under eye area well. Sometimes when I accidentally apply too much, the concealer starts to look cakey. It's not very long lasting, as it's last for around 6hours under my eyes, it's an average lasting time. My shade is 51, it's has a yellow undertone. I do like to use the concealer on blemishes, whenever I use it to cover blemishes, I use it under my foundation. I really like the packaging, as it doesn't have the brush applicator, so it's more hygienic. Overall the concealer is really good and I will definitely go back to it. Although it is expensive and in my opinion it's slightly better than the Collection 2000 Last Imperfection Concealer, the formula is a bit more better.