Sunday, 27 January 2013

sunday portrait 50

001. Finally got my hands on new lens! I bought the classic 50mm lens, I had been experimenting with it for whole day, photographing products for my blog. It's amazing to play around with the focus, as well as I'm finally able to use the Aperture on f/1.8 setting, whereas in my old lens it didn't let me go lower than f/4.0. Can't wait to share the new photos on my blog. 

002. Just made a cheeky large order online at Boots, can't wait to play around with new skincare, haircare and make-up bits. I'm aware that I don't need all the new bits now, but I just wanted them for so long. This weekend I finally sat down and have written a list of products I want to buy/try. I always write these kind of list, but I loose them and now they are written in one of my favourite (blogging) notebook, so I won't loose them and I will only buy things on the list. Will feel so much better when I will start to cross out the things I already bought or tried. Need to learn how to ask for samples at counters. 

003. Need to change something in my bedroom. For now I know that I want to repaint the walls, but I need to wait until it will get a lot warmer so I can easily get rid of the paint smell. I might move around my furniture, as I'm bored of the current look. I like to reorganise things in my bedroom.

004. Got myself a new laptop last week, so happy! Am I allowed to moan about how much I hate Windows 8? I HATE it! Probably tonight I will have Windows 7 installed. Somehow I downloaded free trail photoshop and it worked for the first day and now I can't find it anywhere in the system. That's extremely annoying, as I need to use my brothers computer to edit my photos. This post is almost all about spending money, but honestly I been saving for a new laptop forever. I also promised myself that with next pay day I would buy myself new lens.

005. So happy that the giveaway went so well, I really want to do more. I've already planned the next one. Thanks you for supporting my blog. 



  1. Gorgeous! What lippy have you got on - it's so pretty :)

    I'm wanting to redecorate my room this year, I've got to wait until my windows/door have been replaced before I can do that though and it'll have to be done in two stages :( boo! x

    Sarah @ xx

  2. Beautiful! I love the 50mm lens so much, have fun playing around with it! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. gorgeous picture! i love changing things in my room too!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & lifestyle

  4. you cant go wrong with a 50mm lens! I got mine at christmas and still love playing with it! xo

  5. you are gorgeous!

  6. Your lipstick looks so good on you!


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