Sunday, 6 January 2013

sunday portrait 48

001. HEEELLLOOOW! This is my "first" Sunday portrait in the New Year. Somehow I don't really feel like we started a new year, for me it's just feels like a start of new month, if that makes any sense. Can't believe that the 2 most amazing weeks of doing nothing passed so fast! I'm not ready to go back to my everyday life, the idea of 9am-10pm just kills me.

002. Blogging things. On the 10th it's the first blog anniversary, can't believe that already a year passed since writing up my first post. Thank you all for keeping up with my blog. This week I'm planning to continue with the "Favourites of 2012" posts. Hope you are enjoying them. So many ideas so little time.

003. In a month time, hopefully, I might be a happy owner of MacBook. Then everything will be so much easier! As my laptop (which breaks and fix itself after few days) is ....  Then I'm planning to get myself a new camera lens, I'm planning to buy the 50mm. When I will have everything, I might start making youtube videos?! Everything also depends on my time management etc.


  1. Happy New Year lovely! I'd love to see some videos from you in the future! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Happy new year, my blog birthday is this month too, can't believe how quickly it's gone! x

  3. Happy New Year! Your hair looks lovely in that picture xx

  4. Lookin'super purty in this post! Oh what fun! I love the light humor of your blog!
    Keep up the writing and encouragement! Since 2013 is just beginning there is plenty of time to start new blog goals and reach a broader audience. Kudos to you!
    Keep up the great blogging and photos!

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