Friday, 14 December 2012

things i want 36

I really want a new coat. I should be thinking about something more warmer, but there is nothing that I like. On a hunt for a new bag, this one is just perfect. Expensive but I guess it will last for a long amount of time. Beanie season and I don't have any beanies. This one looks so cool, wonder how would it look on me.


  1. Love the jacket, I've bought way too many recently though! I'm looking for a beanie too, I've been strongly hinting to my mum though so hopefully there'll be one under the tree :) xx

  2. Great post, photos and blog i totally like pls come thro and follow back like you promised u will on my fashion blog

  3. I love the jacket and the kind of knitted design around the shoulders!
    Daniella x

  4. love all these items! how beautiful is that coat :) xx

  5. The River Island Beanie is now £3.00 in the sale- thought i'd give you a heads up! Happy new year!


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