Friday, 28 December 2012

things i want 37

The new Naked Basic Palette is on my want list, would love to own it. I'm really into matte colours on my eyes. The MAC brush is on my must have list for such a long time, would be great to apply highlighter. The H&M boots are no longer available online, but you can still find them in store. I had a chance to try them on last night and I must say that they are so comfortable! I also had tried on the real JC Litas the stud version, but I didn't find them as comfortable as the H&M version. The Jacket is perfect! I really love the way it's looks when it's open on the body. It's so expensive, but will last for years. Would love to be a happy owner of everything from this wishlist. 


  1. I've got my eye on the new Urban Decay Basics palette, it looks lovely! That coat is amazing :)


  2. Really like the coat! And u should definitely get the mac brush. I use it to apply cream highlighter or contour.. Works great!! :)


    I would love it if u checked out my blog!

  3. i really want the urban decay basics palette too xx

  4. trying to decide if i need the basics palette. its on sale too. would love to see a post on it, if you do buy it.x

  5. the jacket is soo pretty! im deciding on whether or not i should get the basics palette xxxx


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