The Winterlicious Tag

The Winterlicious Tag

1. Favourite Winter nail polish?
I don't really have a favourite nail polish this winter, as I tend to wear different colours all the time. Last month I had an obsession with red nail polish, my most worn red was Rimmel Heart on Fire. Now I'm really into glitter nail polishes. On daily basic I always wear the OPI nail envy.

2. Favourite Winter lip products? 
During winter my lips tend to get dry, so Nuxe Lip Balm is my obsession. I do love to wear pinks on my lips, wearing colour on my lips makes me feel so much better about myself. I often wear Topshop Innocent, as it's such a pretty everyday pink. When I want more colour I like to wear MAC Naughty Saute.

3. Most worn Winter clothing? 
Coat. I wear coat all the time just to keep myself warm. I also wear Topshop Boots on daily basic, I love them. I'm even planning to buy another pair, as I like them so much.

4. Most worn Winter accessory? 
Scarfs, I like to be warm when I'm outside. 

5. Favourite Winter Scent?
I love the smell of Christmas tree, this year we decorated real Christmas tree, so whenever I walk pass I can smell it. 

6. Favourite Winter Beverage?
Hot Chocolate, although I do drink it all year round, but during Christmas I have it a lot more often.  

7. All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
HOME ALONE! Since I remember we watch this every Christmas. Whenever I watch it I feel like it's Christmas. On first day of Christmas we watch Home Alone and on the second day we watch Home Alone in New York.

8. Favourite Christmas/Holiday song? 
To be honest I don't have one. 

9. Favourite Christmas/Holiday food?
Everything? I love my Mums dumplings with my favourite filling. Each Christmas Dad makes the best Salmon. Do I need to mention the cakes?

10. What your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
Our Christmas tree, this year we chosen red and gold theme. I also really like the lighting in my bedroom, I decided to decorate my bookshelf with pretty lights.

11. What's on top your Christmas list? 
Happiness. I really do wish that this Christmas everyone will be a lot more happier. From material things I would really like an Macbook.

12. What are your plans for the holiday this year?
Have lots of time to relax and catch up on everything. During the first week of holiday I want to focus on all the work which have to be given in after holiday. 
  1. Great post, Have a lovely Christmas xx

    lauren x

  2. Awwww! Really sweet that happiness is top of you christmas list, I was far more materialistic haha. Hi from a new follower :)

    Kirsty-Anne x x

  3. Loved reading this tag - I agree with you on many points, especially Hot Chocolate! Gotta have lots of that during winter :) x

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