Wednesday, 12 December 2012

chanel chance body moisture


Most amazing smelling body lotion, I'm really bad at describing scents. The smell last on the skin up to 8 hours. It would last even longer if I would layer it with the perfume. This is an lightweight body lotion, it's absorbs into the skin very fast, doesn't leave "sticky" film on the skin. The formula is very runny, great for Spring and Summer. I normally use it on my upper body, on my legs I aim to use more richer moisturiser. I have pretty normal body skin, only my legs tend to be more drier, not sure how this would work on a person with dry skin.

This is an expensive buy, wish the packaging was more practical for the price you pay. The Body Moisture will last for a long time, as little goes long way. I know that there is also a spray version, I think I would love the spray version a lot more. 


  1. That bottle is just beautiful xx

  2. I just bought the perfume of this scent yesterday and it is amazing!!!! If it wasn't so expensive would spray it all over my room! (:

  3. That bottle looks stunning for a body moisturiser. Bet is smells amazing, really want the perfume xx

  4. It last 8 hours?? Then you really get your money's worth... Tnx for the tip.;)

  5. Ooh this looks & sounds SO lovely! The packaging is super pretty <3

    Jennie xo |


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