sunday portrait 47

001. How do you like the new blog layout? It's simple, but it took me around 4 hours to re-design everything. I'm so much more happier about the blog look now, but I miss the colour, might add something more colourful soon.

002. I'm planning to do "best/favourites of 2012" posts, last year I done "Top 5". I love reading this sort of posts. As well as I'm enjoying the "Christmas presents" posts. Finally found a spot in my bedroom which has better lighting, so it will be a lot easier for me to take more photos of products. I took all the photos for upcoming "best/favourites of 2012".

003. Is it only me or the actual sales had been rubbish this year? I only bought some jewelry pieces. I haven't bought any make-up on offers, as I think I have enough. I will just need new foundation, any recommendation? I need something with medium coverage. I'm also looking for a good lengthening mascara. I love long looking eyelashes, been thinking on investing in the Rapidlash Serum.

004. Can't believe that 2012 is almost over! I had lot's of up and downs in 2012, but hopefully everything will be a lot better from now on. Wish you all the best in 2013. What's are your plans for celebrating New Year?
things i want 37

The new Naked Basic Palette is on my want list, would love to own it. I'm really into matte colours on my eyes. The MAC brush is on my must have list for such a long time, would be great to apply highlighter. The H&M boots are no longer available online, but you can still find them in store. I had a chance to try them on last night and I must say that they are so comfortable! I also had tried on the real JC Litas the stud version, but I didn't find them as comfortable as the H&M version. The Jacket is perfect! I really love the way it's looks when it's open on the body. It's so expensive, but will last for years. Would love to be a happy owner of everything from this wishlist. 
merry christmas

Hi my Lovelies, I just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas. Hopefully you all are enjoying the time with your family, as well as the gifts.  I would like to thank you for reading and commenting on my blog for the past year. Thank you for all the support. I'm off to watch Home Alone again, my favourite Christmas movie. Wish you all the best. 

Image Credit: tumblr
ghd oval dressing brush

 I always had been using brushes on my hair, as I find them less painful and easier to work with. The ghd Oval Dressing Brush is amazing for everyday use, it's great for smoothing hair. The brush looks really heavy, but in the hand is almost weightless. The brush bristles are natural. My hair are thin, but I have a lot of it, so I normally section my hair before starting to brush it. Recently I got into habit of teasing my hair and I found that this brush is amazing for smoothing the tease, when I overdo it.  The Oval Dressing Brush is great for brushing out dry shampoo powder, I had discovered that by accident, when I overused dry shampoo. I was left with white powder all over my hair, this brush helped me get rid of the excess.

This is an expensive brush, but it totally worth every penny. I'm sure the brush will last for years. Doesn't the packing the brush comes in, looks pretty? I'm definitely going to treat myself soon with something I wanted forever from ghd.
The Winterlicious Tag

1. Favourite Winter nail polish?
I don't really have a favourite nail polish this winter, as I tend to wear different colours all the time. Last month I had an obsession with red nail polish, my most worn red was Rimmel Heart on Fire. Now I'm really into glitter nail polishes. On daily basic I always wear the OPI nail envy.

2. Favourite Winter lip products? 
During winter my lips tend to get dry, so Nuxe Lip Balm is my obsession. I do love to wear pinks on my lips, wearing colour on my lips makes me feel so much better about myself. I often wear Topshop Innocent, as it's such a pretty everyday pink. When I want more colour I like to wear MAC Naughty Saute.

3. Most worn Winter clothing? 
Coat. I wear coat all the time just to keep myself warm. I also wear Topshop Boots on daily basic, I love them. I'm even planning to buy another pair, as I like them so much.

4. Most worn Winter accessory? 
Scarfs, I like to be warm when I'm outside. 

5. Favourite Winter Scent?
I love the smell of Christmas tree, this year we decorated real Christmas tree, so whenever I walk pass I can smell it. 

6. Favourite Winter Beverage?
Hot Chocolate, although I do drink it all year round, but during Christmas I have it a lot more often.  

7. All time favourite Christmas/Holiday movie?
HOME ALONE! Since I remember we watch this every Christmas. Whenever I watch it I feel like it's Christmas. On first day of Christmas we watch Home Alone and on the second day we watch Home Alone in New York.

8. Favourite Christmas/Holiday song? 
To be honest I don't have one. 

9. Favourite Christmas/Holiday food?
Everything? I love my Mums dumplings with my favourite filling. Each Christmas Dad makes the best Salmon. Do I need to mention the cakes?

10. What your favourite Christmas decoration this year?
Our Christmas tree, this year we chosen red and gold theme. I also really like the lighting in my bedroom, I decided to decorate my bookshelf with pretty lights.

11. What's on top your Christmas list? 
Happiness. I really do wish that this Christmas everyone will be a lot more happier. From material things I would really like an Macbook.

12. What are your plans for the holiday this year?
Have lots of time to relax and catch up on everything. During the first week of holiday I want to focus on all the work which have to be given in after holiday. 
sunday portrait 46
001. This weekend was... I have no idea. I done some work for my Art class, but I still don't feel like it's enough. The deadline for most things is this Monday, and I have no idea where I am so far. I'm sure that I will make everything work in the end. One more week to go for two weeks break, can't wait.

002. Had been catching up on Youtube videos, while working.  Finally had a chance to paint my nails, had around 2 weeks break from painting my nails, the OPI nail envy doesn't really count as it's a treatment. I had used lot's of treatments on my face. As I been suffering with really bad breakouts, I hardly ever used to get breakouts before, not sure why it's so bad now. 

003. The bad news, my laptop is officially broken, currently I manged to turn it on, somehow I got windows 97. How? It's running extremely slow, but I can get my documents and photos back! Lucky me. I'm going to get myself new laptop in January, as I can't afford one at the moment. Our washing machine decided to break today too, why does everything have to break just before Christmas? Hope all of you had great weekend.
things i want 36

I really want a new coat. I should be thinking about something more warmer, but there is nothing that I like. On a hunt for a new bag, this one is just perfect. Expensive but I guess it will last for a long amount of time. Beanie season and I don't have any beanies. This one looks so cool, wonder how would it look on me.
chanel chance body moisture


Most amazing smelling body lotion, I'm really bad at describing scents. The smell last on the skin up to 8 hours. It would last even longer if I would layer it with the perfume. This is an lightweight body lotion, it's absorbs into the skin very fast, doesn't leave "sticky" film on the skin. The formula is very runny, great for Spring and Summer. I normally use it on my upper body, on my legs I aim to use more richer moisturiser. I have pretty normal body skin, only my legs tend to be more drier, not sure how this would work on a person with dry skin.

This is an expensive buy, wish the packaging was more practical for the price you pay. The Body Moisture will last for a long time, as little goes long way. I know that there is also a spray version, I think I would love the spray version a lot more. 
beauty blogger tag

Really feeling like doing a tag, the beauty blogger tag is one of my favourite to read at the moment. It's great way to find out a little more about another person.

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
To be honest I always had a blog, I was around 13 years old when I started my first blog. It was more of an diary, then I moved on to graphic. You can actually have a look at one of my blogs here, it's written in Polish but you can view some of my work. The whole layout had been created by me. Then in 2010 I had discovered "beauty blogging". I always had passion for beauty, but no one to share it with and here I am today. 

Who's blog did you fall in love with first?
I had first discovered Lily's blog and from that point everything had moved onto a different level.

What was the first blogsphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?
Urban Decay Naked palette? I'm not sure, but that was one of the first make-up product I bought after seeing it on blogs. I must say that I love it, now I have both palettes and I still use them on daily basic.

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger? 
1. The people I had chance to meet, that's the most amazing part of blogging.  I love meeting new people and it's even better when you have the same passion. 
2. Discovering new products.
3. Taking photos for my posts. I just love doing that.

What have you learnt from being a beauty blogger?  
That being honest is the most important thing.
Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger? 
Personality wise? Not really. Blogging wise, I had changed a lot. Now I do my research before actually buying a certain products, I'm not really falling for the hyped up products. I stopped "collecting" products, now whenever I use up something, I will buy something new.

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Just be yourself, everyone will love you for your personality. Don't turn a copy of someone else. I would also recommend to be active, by this I mean work on your relationship with your readers.

Name your top five brands: 
Urban Decay, Tresemme, Origins, Estee Lauder, MAC.

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products: 
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Foundation, the best foundation for lazy days.  OPI nail envy, that's my life saver. My nails always had been weak, but now the state of my nails is so much better than before. Bioderma best product to remove make-up. Urban Decay Naked Palette, I love using it on daily basic. The colours are great for day and night looks. Origins Super Spot Remover best products to help spots heal faster.

I tag everyone. If you feel like doing this text go ahead, let me know. I would love to read it.
sunday portrait 45

001. Missed regular blogging so much. This month I'm going to be back on track with everything. I have so many products that are waiting for review. Can't wait to get back to editing photos and actually typing out post. I'm planning to change my blog layout, I have draft plans for it, but I just need some more time to actually create everything. I'm so busy with my Art&Design projects and job, but bank holidays are coming up pretty soon. I'm trying to reply to all the comments I received in the last 2 months. I'm going to do a giveaway very soon, thank you all for staying with me.

002. Last night was amazing! I had bad week and yesterday my mood had improved so much. Woken up with the worst hangover. The best part is when you suddenly remind yourself of things you done. Singing Spice Girls Wannabe in front of all the people.
003 Can't believe it's December already! I love the smell of air during Christmas. Decorating Christmas tree is the best thing ever. I'm planning to have one in my bedroom. I guess my cat will go crazy, she loves to claim up the tree.

004. I took a week break from my life, if that makes any sense. I hardly done anything this week, I just left the house to go to work. My great-gran died on Monday, so I was sad. Then stressed with all the deadlines and everything. Sometimes we all need to escape from everything.

005. I just wanted to let you all know that you can follow me on Instagram or Tumblr.  I'm recently addicted to Tumblr, love collecting inspiration images. 

products i've used up 3


The feeling when you actually manage to use up most of your products and you are able to buy more new products. I own way to many make-up products, which I'm slowly using up. I had used up more things, but I accidently forgotten to keep the packaging.

YSL Touche Eclat Illuminating Concealer: This has lasted for so long, I must say it's worth every penny. I just love how lightweight this illuminating concealer is. Whenever I didn't have enough sleep I would use this on top of another stronger coverage concealer.
Clinique Turnaround Overnight Night Cream: This is a very thick night cream. I just didn't feel like it was hydrating enough. Sometimes it left an oily foil on my skin, I hope you understand what I mean. I don't think I would re-purchase this.
Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Make-up Remover: Eye make-up removing process is the most difficult. I tried many Eye make-up removers and I just can't any which will be good enough. I had high expectation for this one too, but it just didn't work. I think it too expensive for what it actually does. I hated the oily feeling that it left on my eyelids. I much more prefer Bioderma.
Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant: I had used up another one, the Sure Deodorant are my favourite. Wish this one did smell like the blue spray deodorant. It's gives me very good protection. If the scent was much more nicer I would love it even more.
Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser: Even thought this breaks me out, I love to use it to remove my eye make-up. It's just perfect to get rid of waterproof mascara. I don't use it all over my face, unless I won't to have really bad break out, I only just use it on the eyes.
Bioderma Sensibio H20: My all time favourite make-up remover. It's works so well with my skin. I'm already half way through another bottle of Bioderma.
L'Oreal Silver Shampoo: I always liked to use silver shampoo on my hair, as I like my "ombre" to be a lot lighter. Like most purple shampoo this one was great in removing the yellow tones of blonde. I would recommend keeping this for around 2-3 min on your hair before actually washing it off. It didn't dry out my hair, that's a really good thing. Will definitely repurchase this.