Sunday, 18 November 2012

sunday portrait 44

001. Thank you for staying with me, while I took a break from blogging. I just felt really uninspired. Break was the best choice, I had loaded my energy. So many ideas which I want to work around. Sometimes we all need some time to reload. 

002. Not going to lie, I went through lots of shit recently in my life. Hopefully I will be able to control everything. Want to change something about my life really badly, I think I will soon spin my life around 360 degrees. Then I will be a lot happier. Changes are good for us.

003. Last weekend I went to Poland, it was pretty stressful holiday, but I still had some fun. The airport shopping wasn't as fun as I planned. Just bought perfume and body lotion. The flight was pretty smooth, but the long drive was extremely stressful, driving on the right hand side for the first time. The worst part was speed limit, I found it so difficult to control it and I drove a lot faster. I had great time seeing my baby bubble, I'm her godmother. She is such a beauty. Had fun time with my cousin.


  1. You're beautiful!
    happy to have you back in the blogging world! :) xo

  2. Welcome back! Hope you're okay hun - sending lots of hugs your way if you need them :) xx

  3. Gorgeous!x

  4. Nice blog I love the quality of your pics and your outfits


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