Saturday, 6 October 2012

some bits of my life

1&2 me and alicja, 3 maya doing the sexy pose, 4 missing my old hair (love the way they looked in this picture) 5&6 my drawing/sketches/ work in progress 7 having clean make-up desk, 8 my model owns sale haul, 9 maya taking up the bed

I had a busy week, full of shit moments. I been waking up in a crap mood each day, I haven't had such a bad week for so long. I had the worst day on Wednesday, I was capable to killing. Okay, not really, I wouldn't want to go to jail for killing a person who is not worth it. Need a break from everything, I want to go away for a while and have good time. Can't wait for the up coming school holidays, that will be my "chill time". Now I feel like this post is full of negative things, on a good note there might be some exciting things happening in my life soon. I just don't want to give out everything to fast. BTW Maya looks so cute, we really want her to have kittens, all we need is a male cat.


  1. Loving your Model's Own haul! Mine haven't arrived yet :'( x

  2. I love your table and nail polishes! :)

  3. your cat is a cutie !! x

  4. lovely drawings and the photos are awesome :D

  5. Cute, those Models Own polishes look GORGEOUS!

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. Wow you're actually unreal at drawing!

  7. you have one of the cutest cats i have ever seen. but i am sorry to hear that the week hasn't been going so well. i hope it turns up for the better entering the new week!
    xx rae

  8. AW! how cute is your cat?! :)


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