Monday, 15 October 2012

famous spot light lipgloss in bombshell and feisty

Famous Spot Light Lipgloss are my new addiction. I must say that I'm really impress with the colour pigmentation and the smoothness. I'm not a big fan of sticky lipglosses, the Famous Spot Light Lipgloss is very creamy on the lips, not sticky at all. The pigmentation is amazing! Bombshell is my favorite one, it such a pretty soft pink with tiny glitter paricles. It doesn't last on the lips for to long, but I don't mind re-applying it every hour. Feisty is a blue undertone red, it's can be a pretty nice bold colour once you build it up. It has slightly longer lasting power on the lips than the pink one.

The most exciting thing about these lipgloss is the little mirror and light. You look so cool when you are applying the lipgloss at night. During the day the light might be a bit annoying, but you will get used to it. I really do like the idea. The packaging looks really nice.


  1. Love the lighter pink colour! It suits you so well :)

  2. they do look very pigmented on your lips ! xx

  3. Your hair looks amazing. How do you style it?

    1. That's a hard question hahah, everything depends how my hair look after I wake up. Normally it's looks like on the pictures above, when it's extremely frizzy I would straight it or curl some bits. Hope that helps, I will soon do my hair routine. xo

  4. Ah I don't think they sell these in Australia, but those colours look gorgeous on you. You look especially gorgeous in Feisty xx

  5. ten 2 bardziej pasuje do Ciebie

  6. thanks for sharing.


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