foundation routine

Currently I got back to using my all time favourite foundations. I love using both during the colder months. I had mention before that foundation are my favourite beauty products to try out. Revlon Photoready is one of my favourite foundations. The colour match is amazing, great for my pale skin. It does contain the small glitter particles, but I don't really mind them. In my opinion the coverage is light, but buildable. It's very lightweight on the skin, doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky.

The Estee Lauder Double Wear have medium to full coverage. I'm not the biggest fan of matte finish when it's comes to foundation. Double Wear has matte finish and if you apply too much it will be very cakey. What I like to do is mix both foundations together, then I get the most perfect finish and coverage. I normally use one pump of each and then mix it on the back of my hand. Then I reach for the Real Techniques Stippling Brush, recently I started to love using it to apply foundation. Before I only used it for cream blushers. My second technique to apply both foundation is to dot the Photoready on my forehead, chin and around the nose. Then dot Double Wear on my cheeks and nose. Blend everything together and it still worked for me. I'm still looking for the perfect foundation, there are so many I want to try. What foundation do you like to wear?
products i regret buying 1

Personally I love reading post like this, most of the time I disagree with products people don't get on with, I normally love them. So keep that in mind, if something doesn't work for me, it may work for you. Normally I get on with most of the products, but there is always something that just won't work. 

Vichy Normaderm Hydrating Cream £12: The product claims to do a lot, but honestly it just got my skin to worst state. I have oily to combination skin and this had started to dry out my skin. After applying it my skin became itchy. I hardly ever get bad reactions to creams. This is also a very bad base under make-up, my foundation started to roll and wasn't even. The thing I only like about this is the smell and packaging.
Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette £48: My most expensive eyeshadow palette, can't belive that I actually bought it. The colours look so lovely, but the pigmentation is so poor. Looks nice in the palette, but once you are trying to get the shadow on your eyes, nothing will come on. I tried many techniques, even using my fingers and nothing changes. The 2 matte colours are pretty well pigmented but rest is very poor. I expect more for such a high price. The worst part is, that at the counter they wouldn't let me swatch it, as it wasn't on the display.
MAC Pro Longwear Foundation £24:  You can read full review on this foundation here. I'm starting to feel like none of MAC foundations are good enough. Yes the colour matches are great, but there is always something that won't work. Lately I can't get this foundation work. So glad I almost used it up.
Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Darling £6.50: What was I thinking when buying this lipstick. I do remember the hype around it. I'm really pale, so I should be aware that nude lipsticks don't work so well with me. I find them so diffiuclt to pull off. This is a nice lipstick, but the colour just don't work for me.
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Overnight Serum £7: I love taking care of my hair. I had tried so many times to get on with this product, but I just couldn't. I don't feel like it does anything to the hair. When I wake up, they are in the same state they were before using the treatment. So not worth the money. 

sunday portrait 42

001. Had so much fun last night. Went out with Alicja. Drunk a bit too much, but still found my way home. I feel so bad for anyone who text me last night, I'm still too scared to read them. We decided to go to a club/bar in Camden Town, it's such a great place. Loved the music and people. Pizza is the best hangover food, thanks Dominos. 

002. It's finally a week off from education, I really do need a break. Will finally catch up on everything. I'm so worried about the snow, if it would be very snowy I can't go away on the weekend to Poland. That's really pisses me of as we had spend so much money on the ticket. Driving 3 hours to the most snowy part in Poland is really unsafe. 

003. So many things I want in the shops at the moment. Need more MONEY! Did any of you watch the Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars? I love it, but I still expected a bit more for it. Finally Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl is back. Any series you would like to recommend to me? Hope you all had great Halloween weekend.
things i want 34

My winter dream coat! I need it in my life, this will keep me really warm during winter. Planning to pick it up this weekend. Will be amazing to take on the short weekend away, as I'm aware it will be really cold in Poland during November. I want this tank top in all 3 colours, it looks so nice! I love the studded detail. I really wanted a spike necklace for a while now, this one looks really nice. I wear lots of plain tops, so I think I need to invest in more statement necklaces. The bracelet would also be really nice to style up simple outfit.
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Class mirrors fun with Alicja, the faces, trying to draw myself, Spaghetti yum, Costa time, wet hair, don't you dare touch me, sleeping beauty, time to get up, let me outside please, time to catch up on everything, chocolate popcorn yummy, Maya in the car, Tesco time, you need to pay me more attention, rib cage pattern, nails of the day, the dry washing mess, tired me no make-up, my class wall, 4 hours of sleep don't look that bad, miss naughty sleeping on dvd player under tv, photoshoot inside the car, my face today.
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Finally got around to making another empties post. I been using up lot's of things lately and the worst part is that I didn't have a chance to replace anything or buy new products, so soon I will be left without anything. Need big shopping spree. I had used up more things, but I accidently forgotten to keep the packaging. 

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant: After using up Sure version, I decided to give the Dove version a go. The first thing I hated about this one was the smell and I feel like it's not as strong in protection as the Sure version. It did protect me, but I didn't feel as comfortable as with the Sure one.
Avon Treselle Body Lotion: Love and hate relationship product. I did really love it for the long lasting floral scent, but I hated the fact that it took forever to absorb into the skin.
Garnier Night Cream: It's a nice night cream, but from time to time I felt like it wasn't hydrating enough for my skin. I really did like it for the smell. Why does all Garnier products smell so good? I wouldn't recommend this to people with dry skin.
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation: You can read full review on this here. I still do love this foundation and would definitely repurchase before summer. During winter I prefer more coverage.
Simple Soothing Eye Cream: This was a nice simple eye cream, it did keep my under eye area hydrated, I also liked to use this around my lips and nose.
The Body Shop Earth Lover Watermelon and Eucalyptus Shower Gel: My favorite shower gel for summer. I love the fresh scent, it was so nice to use it in the morning. To me this is normal shower gel, it done the job.
The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish: My favorite Body Shop scent of all time! You can read the full review of this here. Another great shower scrub to use in the morning. I been using it almost everyday, as it not as strong as other scrubs.
Avene Gentle Toner: I'm not so obsessed with toners, I normally pick up any. The Avene Gentle Toner is amazing for very sensitive skin. I really enjoyed using it, but after a while the Avene scent started to make me feel sick.
La Roche Posay Effaclar: You can read full review here. This is still my favorite cleanser, my opinion haven't changed about it.
The Body Shop Organic Cotton Pads: The only cotton pads, which are accepted by my sensitive skin. I have really sensitive skin, other brand cotton pads just scratch my face. The Superdrug own brand, large cotton pads are the worst one I ever had a chance to try!

sunday portrait 41

001. This week passed so fast, I had great time. Three more weeks and I'm going away, I'm going to Poland. So happy and excited. I think next week we going to have half term, so it will be time to relax and be up to date with everything. I hate falling behind with things.

002. Not sure what else can I mention.  As my life is pretty boring. I been drawing a lot lately, I think I have some inspiration. Few ideas which need to finally get on paper. From time to time I instagram my work. If you want to you can follow me on instagram @burningblonde.
models own sale haul


I feel like it's finally time to share my Models Own Sale Haul, I was so excited about it. I do really like Models Own nail polishes, so getting two for the price of one was great. I think they had done the same sale last year, but I was broke. This year I had written out all the nail polish I wanted and finally bought them. I have 14 lovely shades to play around with it and yes I have more from other brands too. I also have few more Models Own nail polishes, which I bought ages ago. 

I must say that Utopia became my favorite of all nail polishes, I always thought it was a light grey nail polish, my mistake. It's actually a very light lilac greyish colour. I will do NOTD soon, to show you swatches of all the colours.

things i want 33

There are so many nice pieces in stores lately, can I have everything? This top looks so nice, but I don't think I will actually buy it. It's so over priced. I could DIY it at home. The bracelet is so pretty, such a nice piece to wear with more simple outfits. The ring is another nice piece, I would say it's pretty simple, but looks so nice. I need a new foundation primer, my skin is really de-hydrated lately, so this would be a good primer, I think. Marc Jacobs Daisy will be my all time favorite perfume, I had used one up already. I really want another bottle.
tigi bed head volumizing hairspray

Recently I really enjoyed curling my hair, but all the time I'm out of hairspray. I always forget to pick one up, whenever I'm out shopping. When once curling my hair I realised that I own Bed Head Volumizing Hairspray, at first I hated this product. Then it been thrown away at the back of my hair products. After giving it a second chance, I realised that it's actually really good. 

The bottle has such a bright colour. In my opinion this won't add a lot of volume to your hair, but it will make them much more fuller. What I like about this that it's not very sticky and it's lightweight. Won't weight down your hair.  One thing that annoys me the most is the strong sweet smell, I really don't like it. It's linger on the hair for around 2 days. Once your brush this out of your hair, your hair will loose the hairspray feeling, if that makes sense, but the smell will still linger. It does hold the curls. Overall it's a nice products, but I don't feel like I would go back to it.
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famous spot light lipgloss in bombshell and feisty

Famous Spot Light Lipgloss are my new addiction. I must say that I'm really impress with the colour pigmentation and the smoothness. I'm not a big fan of sticky lipglosses, the Famous Spot Light Lipgloss is very creamy on the lips, not sticky at all. The pigmentation is amazing! Bombshell is my favorite one, it such a pretty soft pink with tiny glitter paricles. It doesn't last on the lips for to long, but I don't mind re-applying it every hour. Feisty is a blue undertone red, it's can be a pretty nice bold colour once you build it up. It has slightly longer lasting power on the lips than the pink one.

The most exciting thing about these lipgloss is the little mirror and light. You look so cool when you are applying the lipgloss at night. During the day the light might be a bit annoying, but you will get used to it. I really do like the idea. The packaging looks really nice.
sunday portrait 40

001. Holiday round the corner?! Yes! I finally booked ticket for weekend away, so excited. I'm going away with my mum. I was also planning to go away on 26-28, as it's my best friend 18th Birthday party, but I won't be able to make it, that's makes me so sad! We are also going to have half term in 2 weeks time, that's makes me really happy.

002. I really want to go on a large shopping spree, but I'm not allowed to spend money. As my weekend away is round the corner and I want to treat myself with high end make-up goodies at the airport. That the most exciting part of my weekend away. 

003. Took lots of photos for the blog yesterday. Need to edit them and then make some blog post draft. As I don't have much time during the week to update my blog.
look good, feel better with look beauty

We all know I love pink on my face and nails, so I'm really excited about the "Flirty Five" pinks. As we all know October is a month of Cancer awareness. I love the fact that so many brands are taking part in supporting cancer affected people. For the entire month of October, Look Beauty will be donating a further 50p per products on their Flirty Five pinks. Everything will be donated to Look Good, Feel Better. It's an National Charity offering free confidence boosting skincare and make-up workshops in hospitals, design to help women combat the visible side effects of cancer treatments.

Loud Lips Lipstick "Rock Candy" is such a gorgeous bright almost neon pink! It has such a amazing pigmentation. Loud Lips Lip Liner "Rocky Candy" is such a perfect match for the lipstick. Will definitely wear them together. Statement Eyes Mono Eyeshadow "Silk" is a very pretty glittery pinky eyeshadow, it so soft as well. Make Me Blush Blusher "Pinch" I'm in love with this products! This is so pretty, the pigmentation is so good. Nail Pop in "Corsage" is another great nail polish.  The colour is so pretty. 

I can't really say much on the products yet, as I haven't been trying them out for to long, these are just my thoughts on them. I will be doing separate review for each products. I can honestly say that I'm in love with Look Beauty packaging, they look so pretty. You can find all of these products in some Superdrugs and online at Look Beauty.
things i want 32

Loving everything with zip at the back! This top is just so perfect, there are so many things I want when I don't have money.  I really do need a new bag, which will be perfect size, this bag looks gorgeous in real life. Girl from my class had it and I had fallen in love with it. These stud earrings are so cute, I love the way they look. I normally always love to wear small studs. I love the way large statement earring looks, but I'm not brave enough to pull them off, I just don't like the way they look on my ears. 
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september favorites


This month I kept on discovering products, which I thought I hate. To be honest September had been a month of trying new things. I also had been wearing make-up for very a long amount of time, during the day. I can feel that my skin doesn't like that. I apply my make-up at around 8am then I remove it at 22-23pm. I'm aware that this is bad, but I give my skin as much break, as I possibly can.

The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach Shower Gel: I love fruity scents, but during winter I transit to more sweet smelling products. This is "normal" Body Shop shower gel. Not going to lie at home we only use the Body Shop shower gels. From time to time we do buy other brands, but there is always Body Shop shower gel in our house. The scents are really nice.
The Body Shop Peach Body Butter: Body Shop body butters will always be my weakness. My all time favorite one is Satsuma one, not sure why had they re-design the packaging, I used to love the old one a lot more. The Peach Body Butter is amazing to use after sweet smelling shower gel. I also really love using it before bedtime. It keeps my skin really nicely moisturized.
Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray: At first I used to hate this product, this was because I wasn't sure how to use it correctly. Then I tried different ways of using it and I'm in love! I mostly like to apply this on damp hair. When you over use it, your hair will became sticky, so be careful. Less is always more. I'm just not a big fan of the scent.
Bumble and Bumble Deeep!: After all the hair colour treatments, I'm trying to get the moisture back to my hair. This hair masque is doing wonders to my hair. Deeep! Is packed with lots of proteins, our hair loves proteins. I really love the scent, been applying this once a week for around 30minutes.
Schwarzkopf Osis+ Hair Dust: Another products which I didn't get on well with, at first. After running out of my dry shampoo, I had search through my hair products and I found this. It's a mattifying powder, it's not a dry shampoo, but you will be able to mattify you hair a bit. I love this product for the bed head look! It's adds a lot of texture and volume to my hair.
MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation: My favorite powder foundation! As I had mention at the beginning I apply my foundation early in the morning and this is a great top up foundation. I love adding this on my face after I notice that the other foundation is rubbing away. 
Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara: This is the best mascara I had ever had a chance to try out! Makes my lashes look amazing. This is a sample size, but I really do want a full size. Once you apply it to the lashes it dries really fast, it stays on the lashes for very long amount of the time. It keeps my lashes really separated, as well as I'm loving the wand.
Benefit Eye Bright: My life saver, when I get up in the morning I just look dead! This is great product to make me look more awake. Wish it could last a bit longer on the water line.
MAC Lipstick in Naughty Saute: My bright lipstick! As I don't go mad with the eyes, I now go for brighter lipsticks. That because of Alicja, she always wear bold lipsticks and I'm falling in love with bright pinks, as I can't pull of red.