sunday portrait 38

001. On this picture you can see how my hair are looking at the moment, to be honest I really like the colour. I been at Toni&Guy yesterday, as the Salon Director wanted to check my hair. I will know everything on Monday as he needs to call the Head Office. I been offered a free re-do, but I don't want that.  As my hair are already damaged enough. I would also like to introduce you to one of the best girl, Alicja! She is doing baby steps in the blogging world. We took some photos of her outfit yesterday on the car park roof. Can't wait until they will go up on her blog. We also have so much in common with each other. I'm sure you will love her too. 

002. It's getting colder and darker each day! I hate that. Although I am winter girl and I love layering my clothes, I'm not ready for winter this year. We didn't have too much summer. Oh well, I need a good excuse to go shopping, even though I don't have any money. I had spend my last pennies on this months USA Vogue with Lady Gaga on the front. To be honest I hate the cover with her, I excepted something stronger, not Gaga looking as all other models. Roll on Thursday #payday. 

003. I just had cleaned my bedroom, it's looking so good now. I guess that will only last until tomorrow. I'm forever hating Mondays! I'm stuck in college until 5pm, then I'm off to work and I will get back home at around 11pm. The worst part is that on Monday's we are Life Drawing, a naked old man! The whole idea makes me feel sick. If he was young and good looking, I wouldn't complain.

things i want 30

It's so cold outside! I need to get myself a new coat which will be suitable for autumn, this coat is so perfect. You can clip out the fur and have a thin coat. It is expensive, but I can't stop wanting it. Philosophy is a brand that I wanted to try for so long, I'm currently running out of shower gels. This earrings are so cute, I love small studs. The Malin+Goetz Acne Treatment is something that will be so good on bad skin days. I saw Kate, talking about in one of hers videos.
nail pop nail polish in cool britannia

This is one of my delayed post, I'm aware that the Olympics is already over, but I wasn't able to post about this nail polish. Glitter nail polishes will be my all time favorite! I love adding it on one nail or wearing it on every single nail. Cool Britannia contains blue, red, silver and purple glitter. Not sure if it's only me, but I feel like this nail polish dries matte, but once you under the light the glitter shines really nicely. The nail polish last around 1-3 days on my nails, without using a top coat. Cool Britannia is an Limited Edition nail polish, but you can still get hold of it. Nail Pop nail polishes is a new brand to me, as I never had tried any other nail polishes from them. When I had a looked at their colour range I really liked them. Will definitely buy more soon.
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sunday portrait 37

001. This week was full of drama! At first everything was around my hair. Then love. I don't really want to go into the second drama, I prefer to keep it more private. You never know who may read this. Going to the hair, so far Toni&Guy had replied to my tweet and the email is still untouched. Hopefully I will get a reply soon. I kept on calling the store but no one had picked up. So I will try again on Monday. Hopefully it will be less busy.

002. We went to IKEA today and I finally got myself new bed frame and mattress. From now on I will have double bed. Now waking up will be even more difficult! At least I have Fridays off from college, but on daily basic I need to get up at 6.30-7am. This is so difficult as I get home really late from work. I go to bed between 12am-2am. I miss my summer holiday. I will write up my personal statement  in the car tomorrow.
how toni&guy ruined my hair

 If you already don't know I wanted an "ombre/dip dye" hair for so long. I never had a chance to get it done. I had out growing highlights, that looked slightly like an ombre, but wasn't too strong. On Thursday, I payed a visit to Toni&Guy, the Enfield one. I had explained everything to the hair colourist. I told her how I want it to look, that I want it to be quite low, not higher than my ears. I wanted the colour to blend in with my natural hair colour. She seemed to understand everything, she even told me she won't touch the top of my hair, so everything will blend in well. 

She got everything ready and got on with my hair. Then I been told that she won't apply the bleach on already highlighted hair as it could burn my hair. So I was fine with that, then she moved on the top of my hair and I started to worried, but it seems like she had applied everything only on the bottom and didn't touch the top. She left my hair with the bleach for around 50minutes, as my hair had been so strong and didn't pick out the colour. My hair got washed, and the Hair Colourist bought a palette of colours and asked me what type of blonde I wanted, I thought she wanted to dye my natural hair! Got so scared, but in the end she haven't done nothing about that. After I had a treatment applied to my hair, to make them very soft. Then the hair colourist told me, that I shouldn't straight my hair, just because the lines would be more obvious! She said that I should always keep it more messy, almost like "bed head".

After all the colour process, I wasn't able to really tell how everything looks, as my hair was wet. I got sat with the Hair Stylist, she was such a lovely lady and I love the hair cut she given me! She was so good at explaining and didn't cut of too much of my hair, I was so happy about that. She gave my hair such a nice shape and bounce. While she was drying my hair, I didn't really see a big difference in colour, on the ends. Once she done the front I saw yellow blonde! It looked so scary at first! While she was blow drying my hair, other hair stylist kept on staring at my hair, with very worried face expressions. No one showed me the top back of my hair, all I saw was only the ends! I paid £205 for such a shit service. I was pretty happy while going home, as I haven't paid much attention!

When I got home my mum saw my hair and she was so mad! I started to cry when I saw how yellow the front looked and that there haven't been a big change in the colour on the ends. The photos don't really catch the yellow, some how I even had ginger in my hair?! I then left to work and while being in the elevator, which is full of mirrors I saw the back of my HAIR! I just couldn't believe what I saw! How could she do that to my hair? Those lines. I got home and I been crying all night about my hair, I never had hair that looked so shit. At least my lovely friend had helped me get them fixed, I will take photos of my actual hair and do another post on it. 

things i want 29

I really do want to try out the limited edition hot cloth cleanser, as it's may have different ingredients. I normally only use this cleanser to remove my eye make-up. So it won't break me out on other parts of my face. The top looks so nice! I'm a big fan of tops, with this type of shape. Doesn't the shoes look gorgeous!? Why are you so expensive? I really want them, but not sure if I would actually wear them and there is no point on spending so much money, on shoes to display!
london fashion week snaps part 2

london fashion week snaps part 1

So I went over to LFW, I didn't have any invites to the shows, but I just wanted to take some snaps of dressy people. LFW rule "The more weirder you are dressed, the better". Seen this quote on my twitter timeline. The photos aren't amazing, as stupid me didn't wear glasses, so I found it difficult to notice if my camera was in focus. Overall I'm happy with snaps I took, I didn't stay there for too long. So sad that the LFW is over! Some people didn't wanted to be photographed, that's why I decided that I will blur out the faces in the background.
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the body shop chocomania shower cream

Who would ever say that I would love such a "mouth watering" scent? I'm normally more of an fresh/fruity scented shower gels. I always stayed away from anything that smelled of chocolate, it always made me feel sick.  Although I do like chocolate. While sniffing this in store, I thought that this will be amazing during winter baths. With candles and everything, yes I do that every winter.

I do really love all Body Shop Shower gels, my favorite one is Satsuma, it's smell so good! The Chocomania is an shower cream, so it's not as runny as normal shower gel from Body Shop. Although it could had been more creamier. The smell is more of an hot chocolate, it isn't too overpowering and it won't make you feel sick. The smell makes you want to eat it. The Chocomania Shower Cream is more moisturising that the normal Body Shop shower gels. The smell will linger on the skin for around 5hours. I think the smell may last longer if I would use the Chocomania Body Butter too, but I felt like that would be too much for me to take. I would love to try the scrub. Have you had a chance to try this out?