Sunday, 26 August 2012

sunday update 33

001. I had a big issue with my laptop this week, my laptop mouse decided to stop working. I had the Sony laptop for around 1,5 years, will be 2 years at Christmas. I was expecting for it to break at some point, but not now when I need it the most! I had it all re-done again, so I missing some programs that I used to have. Will take me a while to fix everything. So I may have few delays on my blog, hope you don't mine. I'm currently saving up for a new laptop. I borrowed my brothers mouse, to be able to do some stuff on my laptop.

002. Glad that we are having the long weekend, I really do need a longer break off from work. So sad that it's almost time to go back to college. Another summer is almost over.  I also really don't like the fact that it's getting darker outside much more faster. 

003. Sunday Shopping time, this Sunday I went shopping with my mum and brother. To be honest I love shopping alone much more, than going with someone. I bought new pair of short white converses. New 'running' shorts, no I don't run, but I  want to wear them for insanity. I had completed one month of insanity, I'm so proud of myself. I done a cheeky order of something, I'm just waiting for the approve, hope it won't get declined. I have 'another' negative review upcoming, so fed up that I had paid so much money for something, that wasn't even worth it!



  1. hope you'll manage to get your laptop sorted soon, oh and i prefer shopping alone too, so much easier x

  2. You look gorgeous in that photo! I can't believe how quick this summer has gone either.

    e x

  3. I'm sad summers over too :( going to suck going back to 'education' haha easier way to say it, as everyone's doing different things! :D I can't wait till next summer :P

  4. that sucks about your laptop. frankly, i'd have taken it back to the store where i bought it, i wouldn't expect it to break so soon.x

  5. Laptops can be so unreliable. Can you explain the whole insanity thing to me please :) x

  6. i love shopping on my own! haha, that sounds so sad but i just think its so much easier! x

  7. so happy I've just found your blog, your totally gorgeous too! xxx


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