Sunday, 19 August 2012

sunday portrait 32

 001. We had such a great weather in London for the past week, yesterday was extremely hot for my liking. On Thursday was result day and I got B for photography. So excited! I was expecting and A, but my exam unit was weak. Overall I think I done well. I'm going to do Foundation Diploma this year and then I'm off to Uni, I think. 

002. I do need to create myslef an to do list, as I'm so back with everything. Not sure what going on with me, I really do want to get back into an routine. Any tips of how to get back into a routine?

003. Nothing new happened this week, it went kind of slow. I really do need to finally get myslef new bed! I'm currently sleeping in two mattresses on the floor, I can't complain, but I just miss sleeping higher if that makes any sense. There are so many things I need want to buy. I need to save up for new car, as I feel like the one I share with my mum will break soon. I need to book a ticket to Poland in November, I seen the prices and I'm shocked! They are so cheap! £40 for two way ticket, normally it would had costed me around £150.


  1. great weather is never wrong ;)

  2. you look completely gorgeous in this picture! And congrats on the photography mark :) xo

  3. Cute photo, I love dreamcatchers! :D
    And the weather here in Czech has been crazy too.. way too hot. I need some ACs around here lol!

  4. I love having to do lists, I find post it notes are really helpful x

  5. i think lists are the best way to get into routines, along with setting alarms and having some sort of goals to keep your mind focused. i really need to take my own advice though as i am SO out of a routine at the moment!

    you look so pretty in the photo too!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. please feel free to enter my new giveaway! you can win one of two big jewellery and accessory prizes!

  6. Your hair is so lovely and long im jealous :( Lovely photo and great post! :D x

  7. Eeep congratulations on your photography grade :) xx

  8. Aww you look lovely in your photo hun, congrats on your photography grade and good luck with your foundation diploma :)


  9. well done on your photography grade, and the weather is pretty good down in the south as well!

  10. I love this pic, you look amazing!
    Congratulation on your photography grade :) xx

  11. What a lovely post! Your blog is lovely by the way! xx

  12. Congratulations on your photography grade!! xx

  13. I love your dream catcher!
    Well done and good luck with your Foundation course, I did one but hated it :S I'm sure yours will go better than mine though!

  14. You are so beautiful dear! :)
    Love your blog and if you want us to follow each other please let me know on my blog, I would love that!

    Kisses ♥

  15. You look beautiful, I like your hair!

    Congratulations on your Photography grade :)

    Your newest follower!
    Laura x


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