Saturday, 18 August 2012

style saint

Let's get it straight first, this isn't sponsored post, no one asked me to write it. I had discovered new great source of inspiration! Style Saint is  something similar to Pinterest, but fashion based. You "tear images" and create your own magazines. I always had been tearing magazines, to create mood boards and inspiration books, when I was younger and I still do it. If you want I can share them with you soon. 

Style Saint is full of great inspiration images, let me share with you my secret, if I really love an image I will save it in my "Inspiration" folder on my computer. When I'm having a bad day I will look through it, to be back on track. Also if you don't know it, I been doing some London Street Style photography in my free time. It's not that good yet, as I'm still learning. Maybe one day I will share some of it with you all. Going back to the website, you can view here how to get started. You will need to use facebook to log in. Just like you do to log in to FantasyShopper. Let me know if you had created an account, so I will be able to subscribe to it. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. i just had a look at this, couldn't work out how to upload my own images though x

  2. I've heard of this, I'll have to check it out!

  3. ill definetly check it out as well!!

  4. Aw I haven't heard of this I'll need tot check it out!


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  6. This post is soo awesome! Thank you sooo much for the StyleSaint love, it really means a lot to know you're loving the site. If you haven't already, you should apply to be part of our global editorial crew- because you clearly have an awesome sense of style. Welcome to the StyleSaint family!



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