Monday, 20 August 2012

fashionista the double collection mascara

(on the left eye I'm wearing step 1&2 and on the right eye I'm only wearing step 2)

Lashes are something that I will always put lot's of effort in. Naturally my lashes are brown, so you can't see them until I coat them with mascara, so I always liked trying out new mascaras. I normally use two at one go. I always buy another one as soon as I run out, still looking for perfect one. I like when mascaras add me length, then a bit of volume. Fashionista recently had launched a new double ended mascara. When I was younger I remember when Double Ended mascara hit the shops, all the girls in the secondary school used to be obsessed with them and I never liked them.

The Double Collection mascara is design with two steps to condition whilst building thicker and longer lashes, the 2-in-1 mascara treats delicate lashes with a fortifying serum. It's supposed to not leave you with dry, flaky "spider lashes". Sounds so good to be true. At first I found that the first step is never drying. I tried to wait for as long as possible, but it just wouldn't dry, so I applied the step two and ended up with grey lashes! Not an effect which I would like. The Step 1 was a bit difficult to cover up, I tried my best but just couldn't make it work. I didn't really see a big difference when I didn't use the Step 1.

Overall the mascara didn't work for me. I did like Step 2 brush, as it was very big and brushed my eyelashes really well, but I wasn't overblown by the effect. The mascara did add some length to my lashes. Bare in mind that in the photo I'm wearing just one coat of mascara. Also one tip that I learned over years, not all mascaras will work as good as they may be working on your friends lashes. As all of us have different type of lashes.


  1. I think it looks nice with just the step 1, I don't think I could be bothered applying both to be honest x

  2. The idea of this mascara is nice, but in reality it doesn't really work that well.
    You might want to try out fiber mascara, I did a short review on it in my haul a while ago! It is an amazing product. :)

  3. I agree, i've tried mascaras like this before and they aren't that great. xx

  4. your blog is really fantastic <3 I've also a blog :) if do you want we can follow each other :D visit my blog and let me know :D

  5. sounds interesting- I had primer and mascara in one and I thought it had a softer look on the lashes.


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